When satire breaks the news…

Chris Ayres, long time tech journo at The Times in London, has an interesting take on how Jon Stewart’s satirical Daily Show is drawing in a more serious audience that the serious news channels in the US. Danny Finkelstein links the recent James Baker interview that made headlines around the world.

  • Glensman

    Armando Ianucci addresses similar issues in today’s Gruniard:
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  • Armed Atheist

    “The more serious news channels” aren’t really that serious. News in the US is not about information it’s about emotion: it’s universal practice at every level of US television journalism to bypass any appeal to rationality and aim straight for people’s instincts.

    Why? Because they are selling a product in a viciously competitive marketplace and that is how products are sold. In contrast the BBC or RTE are more patrician and feel they have a mission to inform the plebs.

    Jon Stewart may be the darling of a media desperate to be on the right side of the joke but only 1.5 million people watch the Daily Show. Out of 300 million. Basically nobody watches it. Sure students and ironically self deprecating young professionals in black polo-necks and little square glasses watch it but nobody else does.

  • Graniab

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and never watch the ‘news’ on TV here – all we get is fluff. I watch Jon Stewart and I’m certainly don’t fit into the category defined by Armed Atheist – but the Bay Area is not representative of the nation as a whole. However a much more informative news show is Keith Olbermann on MSNBC – he covers all the hot topics.

  • “all we get is fluff”

    That’s all everybody gets unless you have satelite access to PBS, Link and CBC.

    Mainstream media is the Wonderbread product of 5 conglomerates that peddle what’s good for their subsidiaries and their majority stockholders. You don’t enter into the equation; you might as be one of those battery thingies in the Matrix.

    Now when the hell does Cybill the Soothsayer premier?