Was Junior more conciliatory on Monday?

L� reckons it has discovered some ambiguity (link in Irish) in Ian Paisley Junior’s blog on Monday, entitled St Andrew’s – Food for Thought, which contasts with a harder line from the party ever since.Specifically:

…the DUP leader will, if he agrees, have to be called from the end of November �first Minister designate�. Designate means �in name only� but not installed. Sinn Fein will receive the title deputy �designate�. This symbolism is a mark of intent but progress to government will only occur if and when Sinn Fein delivers on policing and then only after electoral support has been achieved. The pain of recognising in name what is in effect the status of the two parties should be regarded of less concern to unionists than it will be for republicans. I

It’s certainly the nearest Ian Junior has got to conciliatory words towards the ‘oul enemy’. But he does follow this up with the party’s general (and contested) condition that “the office holder must swear and pledge allegiance to serve the interests of the Ulster people but also to support the only police service (PSNI (RUCGC)) and Royal courts of justice.”

Confidential note to Ian Junior: Please, please, turn the music off…