no sleep for hurlers (or artists)

Not a big one for competition (more of a hot cocoa and a biscuit {encode=”” title=”person”}), I just want to congratulate my host town for a shared arts project, Cushendall on their weekend results. The project myself and Kurt are undertaking is at the Curfew Tower. The two nights revelry kept us two old folks up til about 4am…grumble grumble. Mustn’t complain. The place was alive with revelry and singing (of a rebellious kind) Sorry – no pix as yet; the PC chooses to hide its USB point. I did, meanwhile, pick up a 2003 Cushendall shirt – if anybody wants it. Going free if the postage is low enough ; ). My waist is a little too rounded – I blame the egg sodas. The Celtic shirt goes to the Slugger himself.

  • GurnyGub

    A wee bit of preserved stem ginger in your hot cocoa will keep your tail up.

  • ozzy

    Getting old before your time, you are still in the youth of your life at 41 if you are to be believed last week.

  • Glensman

    It has certainly been a great few days in he glens with a performance of epic proportions and celebrations to match.

    Championship victories (all ten of them!) are always special but this tops anything which I’ve experienced. Congratulations are due to the team and management.

    Up the Ruairis!

  • Glensman

    Hope you’re settling n well in the Tower, Dave and that you enjoyed the celebrations.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here’s some photos of the famous victory: