just a reminder…

Just a reminder for Wednesday night (18th October), if anyone can get along.

The Cnocnafeola Centre, Atticall, County Down , BT34 4RZ, 028 4176 5859/2952,
Dave Wood and the Cnocnafeola Centre are preparing for the major launch of the creative project they’ve been working on since the beginning of summer 2006. Dave Wood (who has no political affiliations) and local resident, Mairead White MBE are both passionate…about working in the community. Dave has been an arts worker in England and the rest of Europe since 1988, enabling all kinds of groups to work together and produce creativity whilst Mairead frequently gives her time developing the social and economic potential of the village and the surrounding area.

It was this June that Dave came over from England to work on the scheme, ‘It’s all about finding a fresh way to look at conflict resolution. Nobody expects social divisions to be healed overnight, but we should keep building up new and more inventive skills towards the peace process, he finishes.

During his visit, he interviewed, talked to and asked Mourne residents and passers through to create poems or tell stories related to reconciliation. Already, most of the results have already appeared on creativereconciliationinthemournes.blogspot.com
The planned exhibition and reading of the results will be 18th October 2006 at 7.30pm. If you’d like to come along, please contact the Cnocnafeola Centre 028 4176 5859/2952

press contact
The Cnocnafeola centre
County Down , BT34 4RZ
028 4176 5859/2952