Most of Britain’s cannabis is home grown

Here’s hoping the situation in Dundalk has eased off, but Harry Hutton’s killer fact is that 60% of Cannabis in Britain is now home grown. [Can’t stand the stuff myself: filthy habit – ed].

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  • The World’s Gone Mad

    Sorry to be pedantic but you’ve spelt it ‘canabis’ twice!

    Been smoking something? 😉

  • eranu

    60% now, compared to 10% 10 years ago. thanks to the internet and modern technology you can get all the equipment delivered to your door. that includes the seeds too. all the info you need is a google search away. im on grow number 2 at the min. its not that difficult once you get the environment set up and can vent the smell safely.

    hopefully it wont illegal too long, its only a plant after all !
    isnt alcohol made from plants and its legal?

  • Crataegus

    Cottage industries and the wonders of private enterprise.

    Not a great one for drugs myself including alcohol, but seems to me there is a fair degree of hypocrisy on this subject but personally I don’t think we should encourage drug use.

    Instead of being a right old sanctimonious fart perhaps I should fundamentally change my life style, ease up a bit. What to do is obvious we should lift the restrictions on the market, do an Amsterdam. Known demand in Dundalk, 40% short fall in Britain. Sex and drugs and all we then need is a tax haven now there is a robust alternative to the Celtic Tiger and one that tends to do well even in recessions. Sandy Row as Belfast’s red light district what a vision! Let’s just legalise what the UDA do anyway saves buying them off!

    Groovy baby.

  • nmc

    The situation has been easing off a bit, and the drought was everywhere, not just Dundalk. I had mates heading to Dublin to get a smoke and eventually they couldn’t get any down there either. I love it, have a smoke every day. It’s obviously not good for you, but it’s no worse than other acceptable drugs such as drink, cigarettes, or even painkillers when people get carried away and start eating them every day. And socially less harmful than Gambling.

  • nmc

    P.S. – there’s a lot of gack around, just in case you’re shopping…

  • Anna dale

    “I love it, have a smoke every day.”

    Good man, nmc, going on the quality of the commenting on here sometimes,I don’t think you’re the only one that indulges;)

    If there was the same energy put towards limiting the damage that alcohol and tobacco does towards our society as there is towards the *drug war* we’d all be better off; I mean when was the last time you saw a mob of pot smokers having a mass brawl outside the kebab shop or taxi rank on a Friday night??

  • Mick Fealty


    My bad. Sorted now.

  • The World’s Gone Mad

    As an old(ish) fart, I couldn’t possibly speak for the scene now but over a decade ago when I was a student Belfast was simply awash with recreational drugs. Back in the early nineties, as the clubbing scene took off, you could buy weed, ecstasy, speed, acid in a club, in a pub, at a party, off some bloke in the street, and back then smack and crack were just mythological substances that a friend of a friend had once allegedly taken. The nightlife was bloody awesome and the Art College was the epicentre – Choice, SugarSweet, Shake Ya Brain, while the early days of Shine were great as well (honorable mentions to Vicos, the Front Page, the Venue).

    Not only good times, but Catholics and Protestants coming together and not giving a damn about religion, politics or any bullshit. Every generation believes that they have the best music, the best nightlife, the best parties and the best drugs but the early 90s were definitely halcyon days.

  • Steaky

    It is surely time for legalisation to be considered, the only effect of the drought has been to have a massive flood of cheap low quality coke and an increase in the popularity of cheap ectasy, which are obviously bigger problems, taking its place.

    When the police made a big publicity opportunity of the drugs seizure in bangor, i instantly thought you f**king idiots, less smoke = more coke heads.

  • eranu

    spot on TWGM, i LOVED sugar sweet too. the high water mark of clubbing in NI. McCreadys house to warm up, and then Homers techno mind benders the rest of the night ! 🙂 the unbelievable atmosphere of clubs at the time is something i feel privileged to have experienced, words just cant explain… i still have an old essential mix tape of homer from the mid 90s, theres one track i remember hearing at the art college on it. 92-93 was the best time there will ever be !!
    i look forward to the time when Ecstasy is legalised. then we can have quality controlled pills with MDMA in them. its a pity that most clubbers now that take low quality pills have no idea of the actual feeling of ecstasy that they got their name from.
    as regards age, i dont consider myself that old! we were in 6th form in the sugarsweet years. it certainly gave us plenty to talk about in school on monday 🙂

  • Gonzo

    Saw a couple of reports recently suggesting that since the drought had hit, the average age of Belfast glue-sniffers had reached a new high (pun intended).

    If there ain’t no dope, expect some (silly) users to seek similarly cheap thrills elsewhere. However, as dope’s less harmful even than alcohol binging, are there going to be negative consequences to the drought?

    I mean, Es are only a couple of quid these days, FFS…

  • derek

    If everyone grows their own what will Jackie McDonald do ??

  • skinbop

    TWGM and eranu – second those sentiments. no pepsi nor red bull in them days.

  • P O’Neil

    Surely more green in the Emerald Ise can’t be a bad thing? If more of the younger members of the community were at home skining up, playing xbox 360s / PS3s, then they wouldn’t be out in the streets getting drunk and causing mayhem. Even some of the more vunerable members of the community would be able to walk the streets without fear of intimidation from drunken teens.

    May be more green should also be injected into Norn Irish politics as well(the DUPers could should use some), this could even lead to the great SF & DUP love-in of 2016. I guess only time will tell…


    don’t Bogart that joint.

  • Dr Strangelove

    nmc – “P.S. – there’s a lot of gack around, just in case you’re shopping… ”

    When has there not been a lot of gack around ? I can remember scoring in Harrow Street etc in the very early 90s, you could smell the gack out in the street. It would cut the throat of you but you would persevere. The folly of youth.