“It’s going to take careful management”

With a certain DUP MLA [that would be Jeffrey – Ed] pointing to one of the grey areas from the recent IMC report, namely any discreetly laundered assets, it’s worth noting the comments reported in the Irish Examiner by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, “it’s not part of these issues, and Sinn Féin are doing their utmost to move away from these issues” [perhaps not the best person to provide a clean financial bill of health? – Ed] Links fixed – thanks John.From the Irish Examiner

However, in an interview on RTÉ Radio yesterday, Mr Ahern signalled that the two governments had moved beyond that issue.

“The issue of ill-gotten gains by any of the paramilitary groups will continue to be pursued by the proper law and order systems of the country; it’s not part of these issues, and Sinn Féin are doing their utmost to move away from these issues,” he said.

Asked if Sinn Féin had control over the proceeds, he replied: “They haven’t”.

Perhaps the IMC should return to that particular issue, or ask Bertie some questions… because they claimed not to be at all clear about what is going on with those “illegally obtained funds”..

“How the organisation itself is handling the question of previously illegally obtained funds is not entirely clear to us.”

As I said previously..

The naturally sceptical would point out that a commitment to policing would require [support for] certain actions to be taken, through the criminal justice system, against any individuals found to be involved in the exploitation of any discreetly laundered assets.. or even not so discreet..

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  • tiny

    here we go again

  • The Irish conflict has many dark secrets that by their very nature are going to be difficult to resolve.

    One of the most difficult transitions is asset accumulation, illegal or no-declared income.

    Tough as it may be, there must be some sort of compromise that allows monies to be declared and future tax be paid.

    Any witchunt is counter productive and the best thing is for everyone concerned from all sides to pinch their noses and bear it, making clear that any amnesty is a pure one off.

  • Carson’s Cat

    Did no-one read the story? Donaldson has clearly stated how the assets are returned – through the operation of the Assets Recovery Agency.

    The ARA of course being one of the institutions of law and order that SF will sign up to and pledge support for before they enter Government.

  • Pete Baker

    Read the linked articles, Carson’s Cat?

    Before forming an opinion?


  • Henry94

    If Sinn Fein urge people to support the police it will operate on a “this day forward” basis I assume.

    I doubt there will be an expectation from anyone that people give information about past events unless specifically agreed.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Not seeking to deflect attention from SF’s criminal links, I don’t think there is enough attention being focussed on the DUP’s links.

    How about a precondition that the DUP must hand over to the PSNI the names of all the people who were involved in Ulster Resistance ? Surely, after all, the DUP should uphold law and order by helping to ensure that a dangerous group of paramilitaries are brought to justice.

  • allisterwatch

    Looks like reports about DUP MEP Jim Allister last week that suggested he was unhappy with the deal were right.

    Check out today’s front page of the newslettter


  • Peter,

    Here’s the link to that Examiner article.

  • smcgiff

    Jeffrey was on the panel of Q&A on RTE last night. Brian Cowen, Roisin Shortall, Mary Lou Mcdonald and an FD of a Marketing company were the other panellists.

    There was only one round of applause during Q&A and that was for something the bould Jeffrey said!

    Of course, he had buttered them up by previously saying the Irish electorate made a sophisticated judgement regarding Bertie. Course, many of them might have thought he was Daniel O’Donnell!

    Tis strange days we’re living through.

  • darth rumsfeld

    allisterwatch- which one of the Cunningplan House typing pool are you? Why not aim higher? What about Nicholsonwatch, as you try to find your invisible MEP and anything said or done by him? Now there’s a challenge