Welcome to Message Space…

Some of you may have noticed that Slugger is one of the first non-London focused blog to sign up to the cutting edge Message Space agency, so it’s quite a coup. Google ads generally have too little to do with Slugger’s subjects to really appeal to the companies/projects who want to speak to our, very specifica, audience. Message Space offers a much more targeted and professional service. In the first week the Student’s Union at Queens has signed, but we hope they will only be the first of many.My plan is to fly over to Belfast in the next few weeks to talk to a number of possible clients. If any of you have a likely lead, I’d be grateful if you could let them know what’s happening or just give them my details. I suspect it is going to start with a trickle, but as people get feedback, I hope it will thicken into a decent and regular revenue flow.

For a number of reasons, I’ve never been keen not to go down the pubic funding or even private sponsors route. This should give us control over who advertises with us, so I hope we won’t be forcing anyone to resign over issues of conscience.

This is the first of a number of changes that we’re likely to phase into Slugger (especially if we can kick up some capital) that will begin to transform the look and feel as well as the capacity of the blog.

I’ve noticed returning to some of our exact contemporaries in the US, who’s blogs looked crude compared to Slugger two years ago have now leapfrogged us, both in style and functional ‘smartness’. I’m hoping that this will begin to provide us with the means to play some catch up.

IMHO, staying still is not an option.

It’s all part of an effort to find the means to underwrite Slugger’s independent future… But I hope the heart and soul of Slugger will remain resolutely the same.

If you want to place a bespoke ad know more you can {encode=”[email protected]” title=”contact myself”}, or Mesage Space direct.