Bush to face a hostile Congress…

More from across the ‘great sheuch’, Edward Luce and Holly Yeager in the FT on the slow painful unravelling of House and Senate majorities for the Republicans. However solid a performance a party has put in in the past, in a dynamic democratic system, sooner or later the wheels are bound to come off the cart. Anywhere but Ireland it seems…

  • Greenflag

    An old FF tallyman once told me that oppositions never win elections . It’s Governments that lose them . The USA looks like just another example .

    The USA looks set for an acrimonious countdown to the Bush departure which is still 2 years away . Plenty of time for Mr Bush to restore Republican popularity by bringing ‘democracy to North Korea and Iran along the lines of the Iraqi and Afghan models 🙁 .

    The opposition in Ireland appear to have gone one better than never winning . They appear to have gone out of their way to lose 🙂

    Ah well 2012 maybe ?

  • parcifal

    Great news this, I could only get 8/13 on paddypower for the democrats to take an overall majority in the House. Still a £5 double with Gerry Adams for next irish president ( 25/1) should be enough of a win for a couple of ounzes, even though there’s a drought in Belfast, following a huge bust.