Why the UUP blog beats all, so far…

Cathy Newman, on the segregation issue at St Andrews, complains of the ring of steel around the talks hotel. The drip feed is slow and largely inconsequent. The blog definately has it. It all puts me in mind of another time and another place…

  • Uatu

    I have to say – round of applause to the UUP for effort here. They certainly trumped the Sinners who probably would love to have been the ones who thought of doing this.

  • joeCanuck

    I agree. They have made a great start.

  • Wannabe

    Hats off to the UUP – For a change!! Great idea. It was regularly updated and informative.

  • Paul P

    What significant information did it provide that wasn’t coming through the news wires.

    However credit is due to the UUP PR people for creating the impression of significant communicating.

  • Carson’s Cat

    There probably is a little bit more info here than you can get from listening to the news – but it is really only a little.

    Trouble is – when the talks are over will the UUP still have any relevance? This could be Reg’s finest hour (now there’s being damned with faint praise).

  • Mick Fealty


    We got a distinct impression of how some of the news lines were being managed/manufactured, for one thing.

  • parcifal

    In a stroke of bizarre coincidence, Kramnik has just won his world championship chess match,( 4:05pm)
    and is now undisputed World Champ after a unification with FIDE world champ Topalov.

    Since 1993 we’ve had 2 chess world champs;
    about the same time as John Major began the talks with Sinn Fein.
    Will we get a unification deal/timetable for power-sharing in st.andrews?
    Its Friday 13th and Paisley’s golden wedding anniversary. superstitious?
    Am busy divining with my horoscopes.
    sun and mars approaching conjunction.

    Nurse. 😉

  • interested

    Rumours might go around – but the DUP have never had any serious splits up to now. They wont do it at this point.

    Lets wait and see what really is going on. I’ll take bets that they’re at whatever DUP press conference there is….

  • kitkat

    Sounds ominious if Morrow and Allister aren’t happy

  • St Andrews

    Jim Allister and Maurice Morrow may have walked out of the DUP meeting, I don’t know. But I do know that they attended the plenary session just over where the Governments presented the paper.

  • unionist

    Good idea from the UUP….

    Let’s not forget as well that they do have 24 seats! So they aren’t irrelevant.

  • smcgiff

    Excellent idea by the UUP – and a humanising touch by Sir Reg.

  • The provos are going to sign-up to policing and the courts system as part of the deal (subject to an ard dheis).

  • Comrade Stalin

    Agree with the sentiments expressed here; very quick-witted idea by the UUP.

    It will be great to see SF signed up to policing. If they can pull that off it will be quite remarkable. It strikes me that there’s really very little being changed; SF haven’t been able to stop the transfer of intelligence to MI5 for example.

  • Paul P

    Accepting the Police means accepting the state.

  • smcgiff

    (subject to an ard dheis)

    Careful El M,

    They’ll turn you into a Gaelgoer. Slippery slope and all that!

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    Please ignore the t** blagging what appears to be an entirely spurious line on the DUP.

  • smithsonian

    Actually quite interesting, gives an impression of what is going on, although it does leave you demanding to know the latest info. Sort of like the 24hr coverage of the Gulf war. We need more frequent comments if we armchair generals are to be able to talk authoratively!

  • smcgiff

    ‘We need more frequent comments if we armchair generals are to be able to talk authoratively!’

    They could even make it up. If Sky news and Fox can do it! 🙂

  • smcgiff


    So, looking forward to living with a SF minister for finance or education?

    Bringing them to rule more like!

    SF have been gagging to get their hands on policing for ages, that it was swallowed as some sort of concession is a master stroke.

    Suck it up, BTTH! Suck it up!

  • smcgiff

    *Ahem* Ignore the above!!!

  • smithsonian

    Yes, I think they should have had a few prepared comments, Start with “We mean business”, be ready for “Disaster, its all over, no deal, walk out” at the begining of the last day. Cavarly to the rescue at the end of the last day, a press conference announcing a financial package for everybody (rates, water taxes). (Phew that was close we nearly had to give up our MLA salaries)

    Closing comments “We have not agreed on anything whatsoever, but substantial progress has been made, the full stop at the end of paragragh 2d on page 121 has been increased to point 14 to give added significance to the historic non agreement between the two sections of the community.”

  • smcgiff-

    Gabh mo leithscéal- ní thuigim béarla 😉

  • smcgiff

    ‘Gabh mo leithscéal- ní thuigim béarla ;)’

    One down 999,999 to go! 🙂

  • Bringing them to heel

    Ohh deleted posts – whats that all about !!