happy birthday to me

…which is rather cheeky I know – but I am 41 today…I also share my birthday with Margaret Thatcher, Edwina Currie and Iona Opie. Ahem. So what events or birthdates would sluggerers like to share theirs with and why? Discuss and have on my desk in the morning please…

  • Deirdre

    Happy Birthday!!

    Thanks for invite to Atticall. Some of us may go up on 18th, dont know about a reader of the poem though.
    I have lost the copy I printed of Slogger and dont know where to find it again. Could you possibly email a copy to me please?

    Deirdre (Mourne U3A)


    My birthday is the 24th November (honest).

    Wonder what I’ll get ?

  • Margaret Foley Muldowney

    Jazus Dave you don’t look it!
    Breithla shona agat agus Frau Thatcher fos.

  • mickhall

    My Birthday falls on the anniversary of the ‘Bolshevik’ Russian Revolution.[old calendar] That fact has always pleased me but I am not completely sure why given the outcome, Stalinism etc. Perhaps because that event put some manners on the bourgeoisie for the first time in history.


  • Lepperton

    My birthday is the 24th November (honest).

    Wonder what I’ll get ?

    eh…..cold turkey…perhaps ?

  • Mick Fealty

    Mine’s on Hiroshima Day… gulp!!

  • circles

    31st August 94 – announcement of the first ceasefire.
    I turned 21 – was a great present.

  • darth rumsfeld

    on mine Arthur Grifith was elected president of the Free State and The US established diplomatic relations with the Vatican !!!
    I mist be to redress the balance

  • m

    Wings released their first Album on my birthday.

  • Mick Fealty

    Oh dear m, I thought I had it bad…

  • páid

    My mother, in her 70s, says that in her Conamara youth nobody celebrated birthdays; and many folk did not know exactly how old they were.

    Celebrations were held on feast -pattern/patrún days, many with their roots in old Celtic (if we can still use that word) festivals. All the community took part.

    A world less individualistic back then, methinks.

    My friends, who work in American owned companies in Ireland, say celebrating local traditions causes raised eyebrows amongst the Yankee HR fraternity.

    Celebrating birthdays is compulsory; everybody has one.

    Progress, no doubt.

  • ozzy

    Happy Birthday.

    My birthday is in October too, but not the 13th. You are libra and snake. Wonder what that says about you, sure it will explain everythng.

  • soapy bubble

    Was chuffed to learn that i share my birthday with Quentin Tarantino…However not so chuffed to learn that I was born on EXACTLY the same day as Mariah Carey.

  • Mark McGregor


    The name day thing is common in southern Europe and some Catholic majority countries. The name days are Saint’s days and everyone with the same name or derivative celebrates their birthday equivalent on the same day.

    Those with unusual or names unconnected with saints don’t get a party at all.

  • Mick Fealty


    We were always certain that my father was born somewhere between 17th and 21st October. When all the potential claimants to the home farm had to send to Dublin for their birth certs, his came back dated 15th February in the following year.

    In fact, it seems, the registrar (at least ten miles away) just noted down the date of registration. Must have been a bad winter that year!

  • Mark McGregor


    Registration mistakes still happen. The priest who presided over my wedding filled the form in with the rehearsal date.

    Officially I was married 3 days before it actually happened!

    We asked the registrars office about having this changed on the documents, the head honcho said we could of course swear in front of a magistrate with our witnesses that the date was wrong and they in return would not alter our marriage cert but scribble a note in the margin stating the real date of marriage.

    I think I used the term ‘useless shower of bureaucratic feckers’ or worse.

    If Father Brendan Hickland officiates at your marriage watch him like a hawk!


    Was it a happy one, on Friday the 13th?

    Are you up around North Antrim this weekend?