First outlines…

Slugger understands that members of the negotiating teams are still queueing up at the photocopier to get copies of the governments’ proposals. Quickly:Immediately the 11 plus academic selection will be retained and rates are to be capped. The preparation for Government committee to be retitled Programme for Government, with a requirement that senior party reps attend.

Parties to respond these proposals by 10th November. If the answer is yes, on the 24th First and Deputy First Ministers will be elected, but only in shadow form.

By 10th March Elections or referenda [north and south] indicating changes to the 1998 Agreement. Then, and only then, the rest of executive can be elected.

26th March Assembly goes live.

That means that by 10th March, without a functioning assembly SF will have to have signed up fully to policing. And there’s another IMC report to come.

On the negative for the DUP there is only to be a review of the Parades Commission, not abolition as they had requested.