the children’s minister

so what would those out in slugger land ask the children’s minister?


    I’d ask her if I could have my money back.

  • Alan

    I wouldn’t start by asking the wrong Minister for Children.


    Interestingly though, I understand that the NI Children’s Commissioner has only jurisdiction over devolved issues and retained issues must go to the English Commissioner!

  • overhere

    Teach some of the politicians in N.I. not to be so childish !!

  • Yokel

    They don’t have votes, why are you bothering?

  • Elvis Parker

    When is your party going to stop discriminating against people in Northern Ireland? Will todays children be able to access the politics of the UK or kept in limbo?

  • ozzy

    And the answer will be kept in limbo because hasn’t the pope decided it still exists.

  • Any chance they can bring back corporal punishment for the wee spides who throw rocks at cars, down by the markets?

    Or capital punishment, I suppose?

  • circles

    When will you government allow the children of the the north east of Ireland to grow up free of the yoke of British oppression?

    And how come children’s ministers are always women?

  • So what aspects (if any) of the “yoke of British oppression” do you imagine to be most onerous and damaging to the children of the British part of the north east of Ireland?

    Is it having to listen to all the MOPEry?

  • circles

    To be honest Paulsy – its the 1966 world cup thing. To be constantly reminded of that can scar a child.
    Oh and “God Save the Queen”. Thats a terrible song.
    Oh and being governed directly by people who don’t have any relation to the place and yet feel free to impose laws on all aspects of life.
    The MOPEry is sound enough – I mean unionists re irish too you know 🙂

  • ozzy

    They are always women because that conforms with the stereotype that the woman’s place is in the home looking after the family. What else do they know?

    And don’t you really the “yoke of english oppression” because the next prime minister can’t be scottish according to the radio.