Doughty off to a rough start…

Looks like Doughty Street is getting some cross fire from Jeff Jarvis… I must admit, it settled down for me after going away for ten minutes and coming back a cup of coffee… Thanks to reader jone for the heads up…

  • mickhall

    There site powder puff in which there stars strut their stuff makes them look like a group cloned rejects from the established TV business. white and very middle class.

    I emailed them to offer my services 😉 but in the process pointed out sharply if they demand to know what I wish to record, then up them as such a demand is no better than the Beeb. [from the odd working class people according to their web site all they want is video of more sink estates in crises. Simply more retro establishment media sadly, talk about stereo-typing millions of decent people.

    I also asked who provided the money to set up Doughty St, as I had no objection working with a bunch of mockney libertarian middle class shits, but draw the line at waking up one day to find I had been working for the likes of Murdoch or some asset stripper.

    I had just a smidgen of hope that I was wrong about these people who imo call themselves libertarians only when it is the working class who are getting shafted, but it seems not as they failed to reply to my job application.

    It looks like as with many blogger that this is another attempt to get through the slightly ajar mainstream TV companies door, otherwise why are they so proud that the established media is giving them powder puffs.

    Best regards

  • jone


    Does it ever strike you that your media appearances are somewhat stymied byt the fact that you come over as being and utter cnut?

    Frankly if someone wrote to me out of the blue ‘sharply’ setting out their conditions for appearing on my platform I wouldn’t bother writing back either.

  • mickhall


    Thanks for the complement, for when dealing with these people that is exactly how I wish to appear, although hopefully that is not how I appear to people I live amongst etc. As far as the media is concerned as someone who is 57 years old and has lived shall we say a colorful life, if they cannot take me as I am but demand that I either grovel like a youngster who is desperate or needs a job, or pre judge me, then f—- them, it is there loss as I just carry on as normal raging against injustice in my haphazard manner and enjoy myself by attempting to pull the wings off such people as these.

    In the case of Doughty St., they portrayed themselves as something new and open, what better way to test there so called libertarian credentials then to challenge them, sadly they came up wanting, no surprise there then.

    No Gods No Masters means something to me, not it seems to the middle class sh– at Doughty St, as they obviously have one eye on the main chance. Far from being libertarians they are right wing bigots as the only part of the state they wish to do away with is that which we call the welfare state, whilst bolstering the police and armed forces, what a nasty bunch of mockneys.

    All the best

  • jone


    I think you’ve probably nailed a few truths about Doughty St. And should be apparent by now that even in the new media age he who pays the piper etc.