Blogging from St Andrews…

No, not Slugger… the price of the hotel room was a little too steep for the unpromising returns… But the UUP has it’s own blog, and will be pumping out stuff until Friday… You can see the drop down snippets, but I can’t see a way of accessing the individual pages themselves.

  • Fair play, although it’ll have to get a bit better than ‘Sir Reg Empey: “we have arrived!”‘ 😉

  • Ah, I see what you mean about the drop-down snippets. Very snazzy

  • Aaron_Scullion

    feck me, what a mess. if only they’d come to you for consultancy Mick 🙂

  • I wouldn’t knock it Aaron till we see how it goes. At least it’s a start. Baby steps.

  • miss fitz

    I think that is a pretty cool way to go. OK, it may not be state of the art, but the messages are getting across and the photo gallery is spot on.

    Super idea and nice to see it being used as well. We can all sit out here on the fringes and guess whats happening

  • joeCanuck

    Aw. Poor Reg, he didn’t get a plush chair so that he can go on swivelling (snivelling).
    If I was the great dictator, I would take the lot of them to Britain’s most northerly unoccupied island, drop them ashore with sufficient tents and primus stoves, a thousand cans of baked beans, a sheet of paper and a pen, and a satellite phone. Tell them they can come home when a deal is done.

  • Aaron_Scullion

    hmm. maybe i’ve been a bit harsh. then again..

  • joeCanuck

    All right.
    I’ll give them a tin opener too.

  • Paul P

    Pity Reg and team were not a bit more communicative during the negotiations leading up to the GFA.

  • circles

    Oh this is a lovely wee thing the UUP have come up with – fair play to them, even if Reg’s crocodile tears for the poor journo’s is a bit daft, it was redeemed by Alex Benjamin’s schoolboy humour. I even love the name “Party Talks” – sounds like some kind of inernet chat/date site.
    Miscellaneous party pics like – oh this is priceless stuff. I never knew they had it in them .
    Wonder who’ll be sleeping with who by the time this is all over.

  • CarsonsCanary

    Pity too, the DUP aren’t doing something like this so we can see what they are up to.

    Very interesting, its pretty cool to be able to see whats going on, I’m amazed the NIO have let it happen though.

  • circles

    journos – sorry
    and tears….are

  • Paul P

    Don’t imagine the UUP being part of any of the real negotiations anyhow!

    Oh yes some of us are really bitter.

  • randompunter

    In fairness, they seem to be updating pretty regularly altho its all fairly mundane at the min

  • circles

    Ach the DUP would have been much too serious about it all.
    As sad losers under no pressure to deliver anything meaningful the UUP can afford to take things a lot lighter, which is reflected in the tone of the whole thing.
    Was surprised at the apparent delight at england being 2-0 down though – maybe there are even more grounds for a deal than I imagined…..

  • daithi

    it’s great, it really sort of takes away from the whole NIO shroud of mystery surrounding these things, i like the photo of the welcome message!

    means we’ll know what they’re having for breakfast, hope their politicians are as good at cutting the c**p and forcing the dups to make the deal

    so long as the uup keep giving them cover, paisley will never move

  • parcifal

    I wonder if anything illicit goes on like drug-taking, or busing in a few of the local whores.
    Like what happens at tory conferences 😉

  • Oilibhear Chromaill

    The UUP clearly haven’t been housetrained just yet. After everything else David McClarty – who would no doubt seek respect for the Orange tradition – goes and calls Bairbre de Brún by the English language version of her name. It’s this type of puerile rudeness which undermines serious politics and it’s little wonder that unionism as a political force is in decline.

    If the UUP, the supposedly more moderate wing of unionism, can’t get its head around recognising the existence of Irish culture in this part of Ireland, then it really should stick to virtual politics because it’s going to make no headway in the real world.

    Unfortunately it’s not even about their lack of respect for Irish culture and the Irish language, it’s their basic lack of courtesy and their arrogance which undermine the Unionist case.

  • parcifal

    so what is strand 1 then, in the 9:01 ???

  • Stephen Warke

    Strand One refers to Northern Ireland Institutions such as the Assembly, Executive etc

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    I think they are bounded by Chatham House Rules about what can and cannot be said… but full marks for breaking to the front…

  • parcifal

    thanks stephen, thing I don’t get, as an observer is this; If its been secured that the Irish Gov’t can have no involvement in strand 1, and SF are barred from face to face discussions with the DUP, then who TF is talking to whom.

  • mightymouse

    Its very impressive all the same that a political party in Northern Ireland is using such technology. I would have thought most politicians wouldn’t know how to turn a computer on.

  • William Joyce

    Nice blog. Pity it lacks content. I checked out the two soccer posts. Surely thye could have added more under either. Also the pics of the 6 cos-Latvia game showed one pic of a couple of geezers watching a tv. I suppose this os one young Unionist guy set it up and the others contribute under suffrance.

  • Circles-

    “I even love the name “Party Talks” – sounds like some kind of inernet chat/date site.”


    I’ve just had an image of Reg tarted up in badly done make-up and wearing a boob-tube, holding a phone to his ear and winking at the camera (with 0891 etc. scrolling along the bottom) :s

  • Rory

    I shouldn’t worry about missing an opportunity to visit St Andrews. All those I have met who attended the university have fallen into two camps: either unsufferably priggish and closed of mind or sweetly mad and addicted to drugs, booze and irresponsible sexual liaisons.

    Fortunately for me the second category, for some reason, all tended to be fine women.

    “And it’s oh I remember
    Sweet Betsy from Fife”

  • Carson’s Cat

    What exactly have we learnt from the UUP’s blogging.

    Its all either stuff which we would read in a press release anyway i.e. Reg’s Speech (mind you it was posted an hour before he delivered it) or mindless tittle-tattle from Fred Cobain about football.

    Yes, its supposedly ‘transparent’ and a vain attempt by the UUP to look youthful etc etc but they are bit-part players who obviously have a bit of time to fill so they post their meandering thoughts on a blog.

    I’m not knocking blogging when its done well, but there’s no thought, no comment, no analyis, no real insight into what is going on at St Andrews so why bother? And to be quite honest, I’d rather that there was real progress made there, even if we dont hear about it within 30 seconds through blog posting.

    Cant wait to hear what Reg had for breakfast though – I know I havent been able to sleep with anticipation!!

  • Chico

    How about calling McClarty Clartyson or Sonofclart in future – got to teach him manners

  • Oilibhear Chromaill

    “lack of respect for Irish culture and the Irish language”

    This reminded me of the use of the Irish language I witnessed within Castle Buildings in the run up to Good Friday 1998. Ms de Bruin and Mrs Rodgers were heard approaching down one corridor whilst I and another were heading in their direction although masked from view by a corner. Their conversation was political but not sensitive to the negotiations. When we came into view they paused and then continued in Irish. Harmless enough, but a use of the language which confirmed my view that it was the preserve of nationalists and nothing I wanted anything to do with. Not so much lack of respect but rather lack of interest.

  • kloot

    Harmless enough, but a use of the language which confirmed my view that it was the preserve of nationalists and nothing I wanted anything to do with.
    Surely thats just bad manners… It does not in any reflect on the language itself.

  • kloot

    it placed the language in its’ contemporary context- a tool of Irish nationalism.

  • kloot

    it placed the language in its’ contemporary context- a tool of Irish nationalism.

    I understand that, and my view would be that this reflects more on the user of the language, then the language itself. But, yes, it was used in that context as a tool of Irish nationalism.

    Isnt Michael McGimpsey an irish speaker… I wonder if they would hold their tongue around him.

  • kensei

    “it placed the language in its’ contemporary context- a tool of Irish nationalism.”

    Course, you could have robbed it of that power by learning the language, couldn’t you? At which point they may have just shut up because they still didn’t want you to eavesdrop, no?

    Moreover, none of that gets to point of the refusla to use Irish version of the name.

  • kensei

    the use of Irish is political just as a refusal to use it is political. I agree it is petty to refer to Barbara Brown (I bet he says Sinn Fein) but petty behaviour over the Irish language is not the preserve of unionists.

  • kloot

    This reminds me of a story a mate told me a few years back. He was living in Germany in the 90’s and was taking a taxi drive home one night after a few wet ones. He became convinced that the taxi driver was taking the longest route home and he began to infer such through pigeon Irish to the other mates in the car. Through Irish he started to mock the driver. Anyway, it turns out that the taxi driver knew best and the trip actually took less time then he thought. His mates got out of the car and just as he got out of the car the taxi driver turns around and talks for the first time, turns out he was an Irish man living in Germany since the 70s with fluent Irish and basically put my mate in his place