• “Google has bought it’s only serious competition”

    well … you mean the only serious competition to “Google Video“.

  • smcgiff

    “Google has bought it’s only serious competition”

    That was a bit of a Yahoo comment! 😉

  • Skintown lad

    The real test will be how google cope with the inevitable copyright claims now they’ve made YouTube very sue-able

  • Tim

    “Google has bought it’s only serious competition”

    As mentioned above Google haven’t performed well in the video space at all, and are 5th in the video search rankings behind YouTube, Yahoo, MSN and AOL in the US.

    It seems like a great way to buy into the business and it’s relatively easy to point to ways they could improve the business (although back in 1999 we were all doing the same thing with the likes of AOL and Time Warner, fool me once…)

  • Mick Fealty

    Indications are that Google has a strategy for that sl… but will the strategy work…

  • Pete Baker

    They have, reportedly, signed agreements with the more significant players whose copyrights have been breached… but the bandwidth demands will surely mean that it’s going to be a difficult area to make profitable in its own right?

  • Dualta

    youTube……. I’d a maths teacher who used to say that to me all the time.

  • William Joyce


    During a discussion on Libel and suing bloggers, I made a few points which were challenged. With that in mind, the following from the above might be of interest

    Until now most copyright holders had little incentive to sue YouTube. The company was young and rapidly burning through its venture capital.
    Very good article, worth reading for the extra points it makes.