Meetings about meetings

Ian met Sean at Stormont and Mark and Gerry are meeting Bertie in Dublin. Meanwhile, nationalist commentator James Kelly thinks sack-cloth and ashes are a good thing, as long as they are for Paisley, and Suzanne Breen has been enjoying a DUP night out.

  • Ulick

    That you feel the need to point out Kelly is a nationalist (tainted) commentator, can we assume Breen is a unionist commentator or merely non-aligned in a way that only non-nationalists can be?

  • fair_deal


    The reference to nationalism was not about a taint. It was to highlight a double standard. Terrible if Paisley says it but ok for a nationalist to call for it.

    As for Suzanne AFAIK she is an irish republican.

  • Oilibhear Chromaill

    I was curious to read Ian Paisley’s statement after the meeting to see no mention of sectarianism while it was widely reported that Archbishop Brady was due to raise this issue with the DUP leader.

    Perhaps this is something DUP commenters could throw some light on…..

  • fair_deal


    Perhaps you’d be better asking the DUP press office.

  • Be mus e d


    The reference to nationalism was not about a taint. It was to highlight a double standard. Terrible if Paisley says it but ok for a nationalist to call for it.”

    Oh Dear. FD – I think you’ll find that the headline to James Kelly’s aricle is an example of something called ‘sarcasm’.

  • circles

    Think he might have missed that Be mus ed.

  • Fair Deal


    It is not just in the title but in the text.

    “The old bully boy, who once dished them out to Gerry Adams, should don sack cloth and ashes on his arrival at Stormont on Monday for the vituperation and insults he has handed out to Dr Brady and earlier to the late Pope John Paul II at Strasbourg to the disgust of the members of the European Community.”

    Also it is not the first time James Kelly has made such comments

    “Should not this arch troublemaker and violent demagogue, now in his declining years, don the cloak of sackcloth and ashes himself and crave the forgiveness of this suffering community?”


  • George


    “As for Suzanne AFAIK she is an irish republican”

    She is firmly in the unionist camp, I’m afraid.

    I consider her the Jeffrey Donaldson of this island’s journalistic set – sent out to court southern Irish opinion without actually caring what they think.

    (Man-ball, it’s a fair cop guv, take me away…)

  • fair_deal


    “She is firmly in the unionist camp, I’m afraid”

    When did she have a “road to damascus”? At QUB she was know for her hard-line republicanism and the Shinners keep trying to paint her with the dissident brush.

  • George

    I don’t know. Probably since she wrote for the Belfast Newsletter and, among other things, described the PSNI as probably the most accountable police force in the world.

    Are we talking about the same person?

  • fair_deal


    We are. How exactly is the PSNI comment inaccurate?

  • circles

    Regrdless of the accuracy of the remark, I think Geroge may have been using it to highlight the fact that Ms Breen may not be, contrary to claims otherwise, an Irish Republican F_D.

  • George

    I shall now imagine I’m an “Irish Republican” of the northern persuasion, a person so green SF call me a dissident. Give me a second, here we go:

    PSNI – Special Branch – accountable?

    I didn’t question the veracity or otherwise of said statement about the PSNI, I questioned your description of Suzanne Breen as an “Irish republican”.

  • fair_deal


    So you can’t belief in a 32 county Irish republic unless you only make negative comments about the PSNI?

  • circles

    Now now F_D – I’m not sure under what definiton of irish republicanism you my have filed Ms Breen, but I have a feelng its not the same as the definition I had imagined when I first read “she is an irish republican”. It must surely isn’t the usual definition.

  • George

    “So you can’t belief in a 32 county Irish republic unless you only make negative comments about the PSNI”

    point taken, maybe Suzanne is an Irish Republican, in the more island-wide sense of the phrase.

    They certainly don’t make dissident republicans like they used to up there.

  • George

    By “island-wide”, I mean Michael McDowell, Bertie Ahern, Enda Kenny, Pat Rabitte, Trevor Sargeant etc. are all also Irish Republicans.

  • fair_deal

    My understanding is Suzanne Breen was a supporter of the republican movement but disagrees with the direction that movement has taken. I base her past support of the RM on the fact she told me she did.

    Do you have anything to sustain the claim she is now a Unionist other than she produces honest copy about the PSNI?

  • fair_deal


    Fair enough

  • circles

    “honest copy” is your honest interpretation F_D – but we can wait for the final settelement before chewing that one over

  • Comrade Stalin

    circles et al,

    Anthony McIntyre is writing in The Blanket the exact same comment attributed above to Suzanne Breen. I wouldn’t say McIntyre is a Donaldsonite.

  • The whole thing surrounding the meeting between Paisley and Brady reminded me of something that appeared on Slugger a little while ago

    Now who met Brady first? The Loyal Orders led by Dawson and who was on Sunday Sequence to defend ‘the Doc?’ why again Dawson!

    Now there’s a nasty little thought!