Bertie gets Sinn Fein’s sympathy?

Phoenix Magazine had an interesting piece on the ‘Bertiegate’, most of the Sunday’s seem to be moving towards backing Bertie, and away from McDowell, for allegedly losing his nerve. But Phoenix remarks on the strange silence from Sinn Fein on the subject:

Fact is that SF is horrified at the prospect of Bertie’s downfall so close to the late deadline for agreement in the Assembly. In particular, the Shinners are concerned that a new team of Irish government negotiators, minus Bertie, would be easy meat for Ian Paisley’s DUP and would be less able to prevent backsliding from the British government. Other arguments used to mollify SF members queasy about soft peddling on the Taoiseach are that most working class voters feel sorry for Bertie and would not thank SF for going along with the middle class ‘right wing’ parties and media in downing poor Bertie.