Politician or personality?

Mick’s doing sterling work liveblogging.. but I’m at the Irish bloggers conference as well. Where the broadest theme of the day so far is identity..

A strong identity can make or break your blog. During his presentation, Guido Fawkes talked about how he established his brand – and how important it’s been to the success of his site.

By way of contrast, the politician bloggers in attendance – Ciarán Cuffe, Dominic Hannigan and Damien Blake – all spoke about how they treat their blog differently to their official website/party site.

It’s frustrating to watch people – who should be applauded for leaping into a new medium – come so close to getting it, but fall at the final hurdle. These contrived differences between the blog and the official sites seem to mirror the artificial divide that we have had for so long between the politician and the person, the man as he acts in the Dáil and the man as he acts late at night in the pub.

Politicians – be yourself. If and when we read your sites, we want gossip, we want entertainment, we want engagement. Your blog should be a social space first, but a political space second. You can do everything in the one place. Get that right and you might find that people hang around to talk policy with you as well. We don’t care about press releases, but we do care about why an issues really matters to you.

All this content can live in the same place – and it should. It’s the best way of addressing your audience – much better than maintaining these tired official sites that interest no-one.

See also Guido’s post here.

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