Slugger, Tubridy and the pointlessness of blogging?

Nice post, and a good question from TCAL, after the ArseBlog, simply Ireland’s biggest, fattest, on the hoof, non political blog!

  • Green Ink

    Newstalk went national this week. Tubridy who?

  • Rory

    “Turbidy is not only behind the times he’s an enormous, closed minded, blinkered, cliche spouting cunt.”

    opined one commentator.

    Well what else could he expect after disrespecting Slugger?

  • Pete Baker

    “I want to read people who’ve been to college and who’ve learnt their craft, and not a couple of guys knocking around with a laptop.”

    *shakes head*

    Wendy Austin’s soul-mate…

    Some useful advice for Mr Turbidy et al..

    Blog tip #6: never underestimate your audience…