William Joyce – Yellow Card!

I don’t normally put up a post to announce a Yellow Card, but in this case I think it is worth it, since it probably requires certain context that some of our more recent visitors may not be aware of. Although we have our moments, one of the things that has marked Slugger out amongst a lot of online fora is the capcity of its commenters to conduct vigorous debate, rather than mutual slagging.The primary rule here is play the ball and not the man. The intention is to encourage people to put their own point of view with eloquence and clarity. Like the best games, Slugger is at its best when people compete for the ball.

If posts or part of posts are removed it is not to censure a point of view, or to attempt to impose some artficial set of manners on how people express themselves, but to encourage people to argue politics.

A yellow card is just a request to clip to substance. I don’t really want to move on to making it a red, but will if I’m forced into it.