Adams: DUP cannot stop change…

I just caught the tail end of the Adams’ press statement (no sign of it on SF’s site), timed, apparently, to catch Tories streaming out after David Cameron’s Bournemouth speech. Although the party continues to refuse to recognise the PSNI, he argues that Sinn Fein has now served up what it committed to work for at the formal signing of the Belfast Agreement in May 1998. The pressure, he hopes, will now finally switch to the DUP.

  • Kevin

    Gerry is absolutely right, but the DUP will do their best destroy it. Its just about time for another contrived disaster to give them the justification, perhaps another spy scandal would do the trick.

  • Mick Fealty


    “…the DUP will do their best destroy it”.

    What leads you to that conclusion?

  • Kevin

    The 30year merry go round of Mr Paisley. I wish there was evidence to the contrary or did I miss it somehow.