What happens when you don’t feed the press pack…

This put me in mind of Philip Gould’s famous observation that “unless you constantly feed the media stories, they will gobble you up”. The British press pack in hot pursuit of Boris Johnston.

  • willis

    You cannot accuse Boris of not feeding the bears!

  • Rory

    Ah, but one day, and that not too distant, his masters will feed Boris to the wolves. For it is written in the political legends that such is ever the inevitable fate of the Borises of this world.

  • Pete Baker

    The Guardian’s NewsBlog chose some distinctly non-Guardian language to describe the media scrum around Boris..

  • Alan

    he’s just a run of the mill Tory, really.

    Did I hear he was being given NI to keep him out of trouble – probably not.

  • Hugo ‘George Osborne’ Rudd

    Boris would be great here, but on balance, I have to say David Lidington is doing a fine job.

  • Crataegus

    Every party needs a Boris. Borris in NI; I would sit back and enjoy every minute. Tends to speak his mind without any forethought and I quite like that, but be under no illusion he is a very clever fellow really.

  • Alan

    Does any one have any “future quotes” for Boris should he ever arrive here. A few just to start you off :-

    “It’s just like bloody Liverpool, isn’t it?”

    “Adams . . ? Oh, he’s on our side anyway, isn’t he?”

    “I didn’t write it, I tell you. It’s just that Alderdice happened to be sharing the computer . . .”

    “Couldn’t care less – it’s 7. Could be Trusts or Councils or Hail bloody Mary’s – but I know it’s 7.”

    “Yes Dr Paisley, if you could send them back, I’d appreciate it. Buggers your trouser bottoms without them.”

  • Shame


    Boris would have a field day here, and would probably come out with the likes of.

    “Bloody good to be in Ireland”.

    “Decent sort of place where politicians buy Doctorates mail order and the electorate joins in and humours them. Saves time and bother you know, bloody good common sense”.

    “Shankill butchers is that a quality assured place to procure a pork chop”?

    “All these blokes with English names claiming to be Celts, can’t be serious can they? Don’t they see the credibility gap? This has to be a wind up”?

    “Must be the only place proud of building ships that sink”.

    “Want to be Irish except on benefit day. I mean if they are so keen there are good roads across the border”.

    “House of Orange is that an establishment that specialised in zesty fruit juices? I’m still not sure what trade the Apprentice Boys follow but good to see that racial tolerance is to the fore with all these Black fellows”.

    “You would need to be mad to fight over that rain swept sod”.

  • I saw Boris on ITN News earlier and it just looked like they’d run out of stories, is that called “press block”. It wasn’t edited very well.

    When is “Have I got news for you” coming back on? Boris was great in that, nearly as good as Angus.