More Tory trouble ahead…?

David Cameron did a great job in deflecting media questions yesterday on cash for peerages by refering to his own suggested measure of limiting individual donations to 50,000. Apparently he tripped up over the extension of the Electoral Commisssion’s investigation in to the party’s campaigning centre, when he said: “the organisation was part of the Conservative party, contradicting Conservative Central Office, which said it was an independent commercial organisation”. Incompetence at Central Office? Surely not?


  • fair_deal

    This doesn’t seem to be going particularly well for the Tories. A drop in the polls (as some voters remembered why the liked Tony and Gordon didn’t scare them off) an interactive conference isn’t much use if you can’t get into the building, Cameron digging a hole over the link with the questionable “constituency support” group, corruption investigation turns its focus on them, an autism jibe, boris putting his foot in it over food and a spat about tax cuts. Also the media seem to be tiring of the lack of detail from Dave.

    It could try and spin it all as ‘lively’ debate but really it is coming across as bit of a shambles.

  • Clive McFarland

    Just returned back from the ‘unconference’. Finally gave up lateish yesterday afternoon – there was precious little I could have seen after that anyway given that we were leaving this morning.

    The final straw for me was when another of the fop-haired ‘officials’ came over and assured me personally that he was on the case and that he’d tracked my application down; it was definately with Dorset Police being checked. He couldn’d possibly give any indication of when it might be ready of course.

    However, when I pointed out that since about lunchtime on Sunday I’d been told that my applicaiton was with Dorset Police he quickly informed me that what I’d been told then definitely wasnt the case and at that stage my application had been completely lost in whatever ‘system’ they were professing to use.

    Not entirely sure what was the most annoying – the incompetence or the fact that they couldnt even get their story straight.

  • Is Big Ian at the conference or couldn’t he have got a security pass?

  • Alan

    I take it the conference doesn’t actually decide anything, then.

  • Mick Fealty

    Ian was at the conference until about a hour and a half ago.

  • I think the media have been searching for anything to create a story out of. They did the same for Labour the week before (although there clearly is a rift between Brown and Blair).

    I suspect Cameron will emerge well from this. Detail is a waste of time right now. When it was suggested that the Tories would cut income tax on armed forces pay, Brown immediately issued a statement saying that he’d do the same. Therein lies the problem for the Tories. Labour will nick most of their good ideas. With an election being in 2010, it’s wise for him not to lay too many cards on the table.

    The Tories haven’t been short on policy since 1997, but they’ve had major problems convincing anyone that they’re electable. Cameron seems to be the first leader in a while who realises that most of the problem is their very poor image.

  • Henry94

    The difference between Tony Blair’s modernisation and Cameron’s is this. When Blair took over Labour socialism was a dead and discredited ideology.

    While the labour left found it difficult to give up on its emotional attachment to socialism it knew the game was up. The Tory core vote is far more convinced of the correctness of its opinions and therefore far more likely to sit out an election in order to push the party back in the right direction.

    If this happens while the centre rallies to a revitalised labour under John Reid then the Tories could be in for a really bad election.