Before the truth gets its boots on…

I’ve been in Bournemouth today, locked out with at least 1600 others awaiting accreditation for the Conservative Party conference. On the way back from lunch I heard one breathless (particularly well heeled) journalist talking to her newsroom saying that yes, George Osbourne had indeed called the Chancellor of the Exchequer autistic. Now it’s spreading like wildfire. However early on, Michael White did a quick check of the PA tape, and discovered that he actually said no such thing. Hmmm… What was that about a lie getting half way round the world…


  • Rory

    I believe, Mick, that there was nothing sinister in the delay in the acceptance of accreditation. It was simply necessary to ensure, with not quite yet refined technology, that, during the hour of luncheon, no meat should have passed the lips of those afterwards attempting access. (All and any sexual references – except in the case of clergymen, naturally , do not apply).

    Osbourne’s contrived leak of a private aside and his later sober reflection on radio news seems simply another part of the Cameron tactic that teased Dr Spock and Mad Dog into jumping the gun for the lower taxation hurdle much, much too early.

    Did you not detect cracked nerves and sly smirks later in the evening?

  • The comments came as Mr Osborne was talking about his own childhood, saying his brothers had nicknamed him “Knowledge” because he knew so many facts.

    The journalist interviewing him interjected that he might have been “faintly autistic”.

    Mr Osborne quipped: “We’re not getting onto Gordon Brown yet.”

    What does that mean, if not that Gordon Brown is autistic?

  • half way round the world(from the boring sods in Bournemouth)
    The party of the former Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra-Thai Rak Thai-seems to be imploding with the mass resignations of its MPs.The latter fear the party could be dissolved and its members banned from political activity for five years.
    The question is-will Dave’s Nu-Conservatives implode?

  • Update
    Thaksin resigns as leader of the Thai Rak Thai Party.

  • bertie

    I’m confused and not for the first time 😉

    I’s white saying that the man didn’t actually say “We’re not getting on to Brown yet?”

    If so, what did he say? or is there absolutley no foundation to this at all?