“And, if a few rounds of golf on our two world class, links style, courses can assist..”

The NIO have announced the venue for the three-days of talks in Scotland from the 11th to the 13th October along with details of how to get there.. It is The Fairmont St Andrews Hotel.. Adds the No Vacancies sign is already up..The media facilities will be limited at the venue itself

Arrangements for the media area, Fairmont St Andrews Hotel

Provisions in this area will be limited. Vehicle access is limited to broadcast/edit vans on the accreditation list only. Broadcast vehicles may be subject to a police search on arrival.

No private vehicles will be given access to this area and a shuttle bus will operate between the Fairmont and Best Western hotels.

A covered working space and a designated area for broadcast vehicles will be made available. No telecommunications are available in this area. These have been installed in the filing centre only.

It is anticipated that doorstep interviews by the political parties will take place at this location. Please note that due to the location no media feed will be provided.

This facility will be open from 8am on Wednesday 11 October 2006 and 6am on subsequent mornings.

The Fairmont St Andrews Hotel have an incentive team too..

The Fairmont St Andrews team will energize your corporate or incentive group, inspire imaginative themes, and enhance their productive value by building stronger bonds, better communication and new more creative modes of thinking. And, if a few rounds of golf on our two world class, links style, courses can assist in accomplishing all of this while in the ‘Home of Golf’ then perhaps now is a good time to book your corporate or incentive group business with us.

Let sunshine win the day… again…

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  • parcifal

    wonder who has the lowest handicap? will there be any bogey-men? will they putt up with each other? what’s par for the course? a birdie opportunity, or will they all end up in the rough?

  • POL

    They have a fairway to go yet!!!

  • Greenflag

    How much will this utter waste of British taxpayers money cost ?

    One million ? Two million ?

    More than 12,000 thousand anyway

    SF and the SDLP should withdraw from this farce and state categorically that enough English taxpayers money has been wasted on attempts to convince Northern Ireland’s politicians what they already know 🙁

  • pith

    Very clever tactic. Keep the BBC interested by providing Hearts and Minds with lots of punny golf remarks.

  • parcifal

    The DUP are already in the bunker, obsessed with the empty sands of non-existant threats, which they can’t seem to shift. Hacking away at nothing.
    What can SF do except wait on the “Green” for Paisley to take his umpteenth stroke.
    The rules are the furthest away has to play.

  • Keith M

    I wonder if the albatros of designation will be removed from the process?

  • parcifal

    that’s an eagle-eyed observation, now we know the DUP wish to present these talks, through their own orange-tinted spectacles as ” we’re waiting for SF to get out of the bunker of criminality, terrorism”, but does anyone seriously think that the DUP are on the “Green” simply waiting for SF to play?
    Probably its true that both parties are in the bunker; hacking away at their own pride, and mutual umbrage.
    Hence the need for talks! and humility.

  • Greenflag

    We should remind ourselves that despite all the hype about DUP and SF, these two parties together represent the politics of apprx 20% of all the people who live on this island .

    SF approx 12% and the DUP 8% .

    I suggest that maybe it’s time for the remaining 80% to make themselves heard above the din !

    SF does not represent Ireland and the DUP do not represent Northern Ireland . The former gets less than 8% of the vote in the Republic and the latter 29% of the vote in Northern Ireland .

  • parcifal

    Add to that the fact that only 1/4 of The British People wish to see NI remain part of the UK.
    Will they be heard?

  • parcifal

    The ‘hypocritic layer ‘ of Nationalism has been replaced by the Southern Irish Dozone layer (n.):

    Dozone ( being a substance distilled from a mix of lazy nationalism mixed in with greedy, snobbish new money ) It’s a substance that that stops bright ideas or indeed any ideas from penetrating.

    The RoI Dozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future despite the increasing emission of green gases into the atmosphere from the North and the Brits.

    Dozone derivation for those who are new to the term

    Dozy = lazy sods

    Dozy + zone ergo dozone layer = Sedimentary layer of Nationalismism in RoI geological strata .

  • Nevin

    The SDLP delegates won’t want the show to run late:


    Friday 13th October 2006, 7:30pm – late
    The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hyde Park, 66 Knightsbridge, London

    SDLP London Group Gala dinner in honour of John Hume

    Dress – Black Tie

    Individual Tickets and Table of 10 available

    In addition to John Hume speaking, Anne Robinson (TV presenter) and Sean Cronmy (comedian) will also be present.”

  • The Devil

    This is very unfair only the British/Irish Governments and Sinn Fein know where the “bunkers” are.
    This game is obviously about driving a “wedge” between the Agreements “bogeyman” and the rest of the D.U.P
    I think that most Unionists hope the D.U.P realise that the Goverment only brought them to St Andrews in the hope that they would lose their “balls”.
    I also believe that if the Goverment belive that the D.U.P will get “teed off” and sign up to some Sinn Fein friendly deal as “par for the course” then they are seriously off their “trolley”.
    This “drive” by the Governments could well end up in the “water” and if anyone asks you how did you know, tell them a wee “birdie” told you.

  • parcifal

    your talents are wasted in Hell, you’d be better off commenting on norn “iron”, as you assess the “scorecard” pretty well, and “slice” through the hype, nothing being left “out of bounds”.
    could ya not “caddie” a bit for the DUP, and tell them the world expects more than a “low par” performance, that the “hazards” have been dealt with; and terrorist “links” abandoned, so lets have a positive “round” at the “Open”

  • hippo

    A hughely significant, seismic, historic, courageous, momentous and unprecedented step for the Shinners to play 18 holes. Will the RA be hidding in the bunkrs and the PSNI in the bushes.

    May be Martin will bring a dictionary with him so he could look up more words to describe play a round or two with the DUP. I am speaking about rounds of golf not rounds of ammo.