Where was Orde?

The Chief Constable has been criticised for going on a charity run rather than attend the third annual police memorial serivce held in the Waterfront Hall.

  • m

    However, PSNI chief constable Sir Hugh Orde was taking part in the Great North Run on Tyneside in aid of the RUC George Cross Widows Association.

    So going to a memorial is more important than actually improving the lot of those affected?

    There’s no pleasing some people.

  • circles

    Tut tut CC Orde! How could overlook the first rule of the wee north?
    “Doing something the dead mustlways take priority over doing something for the living”.
    Shame on you!!

  • Bem u s ed

    Sounds like a classic, brainless News Letter-style non-story to me….

  • JR

    That Spratt is a prat!!

  • What rubbish. The chap was raising money for an police charity! Some people will try to make political capital out of anything.

  • I blogged my views on this here earlier.

    I suppose complaining about ‘issues’ such as this is a good way for the likes of Spratt to gain column inches, given that no one listens to them most of rest of the time.

  • Miss Fitz

    I’m getting a little fed up of half stories. The Chief Constable had a long standing arrangement for this event, and has been training for quite some time for it. He donated his proceeds to the RUC widows fund, and no one is fussing about this other than people for whom it is of no relevance.

    The Memorial is an annual UK event and is not a Northern Ireland only memorial.

  • fair_deal

    When I saw the TV footage it did cross my mind where was orde but when I read in a newspaper he was on a charity run I thought fair enough.

    If Spratt is serious about taking South Belfast he really needs to stop being almost a “one trick” pony in terms of his media strategy and remember that there is more to the constituency than bits of Castlereagh.

  • aquifer

    Pratt suggesting that Orde should ‘hold his head in shame’ for the ‘insult’ of raising money for RUC widows in the centre of a British city surrounded by thousands of other charity runners.

    Its obvious that the DUP don’t do shame. If I’m holding my head, I’m just trying to think of ways to run these political ne’er do wells out of town.

  • The Devil

    Well that’s the last fucking time he’s gonna listen to the Federation when they tell me to “go run and jump”

    If they changed their name from the PSNI to the South Antrim U.D.A Orde wouldn’t have to go on charity fund raising events because we would just put in a threat.. em .. sorry bill for 8.5 million.

    I wonder are the Rape Crisis Centre thinking of forming a “Military wing” then maybe they would get proper funding…. because never mind Hugh Orde hanging his head in shame, after todays announcement I think we all have to.

  • willis

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

    Next year CC Orde can attend the service and Marathon Man Spratt can do some running – cue Photoshop.

  • willis


    Does post 8 mean that FD reflects on his own posts?

  • jerryp

    It was in spite of, not because of, fools like Spratt that the RUC became one of the most professional police forces in the world.
    I think he’s the North’s answer to Jackie Healy Rea ( please don’t ask, my blood pressure is high enough as it is )

  • stupid, stupid, stupid.

  • Alan

    “One very large hostage to fortune for Mr Spratt, please. Oh, and go easy on the gorm.”

  • fair_deal


    Huh? I regularly comment on threads I start

  • bertie

    IT is legitiate to ask where Orde was but you should wait for the answer before condemning him. Especially whene there are so many other things to condemn the man for. On this occasion he would appear to be innocent. Grrr!

  • Nevin

    “I wonder are the Rape Crisis Centre thinking of forming a “Military wing””

    Too late.