John Fay: top man, top newshound…

For once I cannot see her usual critics the usual verbal anti personnel devices at Ruth Dudley Edwards, who notes the broad sweep of Newshound’s financial patrons and backers (ten years in the job – about as long Wenger’s been at Arsenal). She also notes that John Fay, the consistently hard working organising genius behind the site has been named as one of the top 100 Irish Americans. It is an extraordinary labour of love, which adds several hours to his own working day. If you have a credit card, and you know how to use it, get over their now and put something in the pot.

  • Spellchecker

    “get over their now?”

  • mickhall

    This is one of the few times I agree totally with Ruth, she is spot on. Johns work in producing nuzhound day in day out is magnificent and I am certain it has played an important role in the wider world’s understanding of what has been going on in the north of Ireland.

    I am surprised Derry or Belfast city councils have not made him a freeman of the city or some such.