Northern Ireland’s mystery politics…

But does anybody really care?

  • Rory

    I think this might better be compared to the noir pulp fiction pioneered by Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler rather than the English drawing room mystery of Agatha Christie. It shares with noir the characteristic that plot becomes so rambling and complicated as to be unintelligible and eventually meaningless so that the story is driven along by force of character alone.

    We certainly have enough colourful characters to provide the drive but who will be the anti-hero, the Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe? Who will walk down those mean streets without himself becoming mean? Somehow the perma-tanned one doesn’t seem likely to appeal to central casting.

  • smithsonian

    Very clever piece of writing and absolutely accurate.
    Do we care what happens in Scotland? Even if they get a deal sorted out are SF and DUP really going to work together for the foreseeable future or even just not attack each other whilst they carve up their own territories. Do we really want these MLAs (any of them) running the place?

  • pith

    Surely it is more noir et blanc – like Champion the Wonder Horse. Which has a rebel in it, I think.

  • circles

    Yeah – rebel was a german shepherd, which wouldn’t work. Nothiworse than a papish rebel!

  • Rory

    Champion, the Wonder Horse, was of course the faithful equine companion of Gene Autry – The Singin’ Cowboy.

    Am I wrong or do not at least one of the parties have their very own singing cowboy? His name escapes me, perhaps other readers will assist my memory.

  • andy

    Chandler would be a good comparison given he came from anglo-irish stock.

    He certainly wouldn’t have a problem finding a “Rusty” Regan character at the talks…

  • Greenflag

    The short answer to the question is probably not or very few .

    If by some miracle they were to agree I imagine the bookies will be immediately placing odds on the date of the next ‘suspension’ /collapse etc .

    They’d be better off spending their time playing golf than spinning their wheels .

  • Crataegus

    I wish I could change the channel.

  • Dualta

    That was the best piece of political satire I’ve read coming from NI in ages.

    Fair play til ye Alex ya ballix.

  • Rory

    I think, Andy, that a “Rusty Regan” type character might be more familiar to readers of The Spectator and The Daily Telegraph. Step forward former, now despised, IRA man, friend of ladies (or one lady at least) and gents alike and yet with a dark twist of mystery and now apparently “not recently seen in public” – Sean O’Callaghan.

    And get that moustache…..

  • pith

    “Am I wrong or do not at least one of the parties have their very own singing cowboy?”

    I’m not sure about the singing bit.

  • andy

    Very good – and he likes a drink too – the comparisons never cease….