Has Gerry started dying his hair?

Could it be that Gerry Adams has started dying his hair? It certainly appears to be a rinse at the very least. Or was it just the studio lighting? Adams makes his appearance 1 minute and five seconds into the clip.

  • Glen Taisie

    Dying for Mother Ireland.


  • Brenda

    grecian 2000!

  • proclamation

    Grecian 1916 !!

  • McGrath

    He has simply transplanted his pubic hair

  • steve ritson

    he looks like yer wee man from the Soprano’s

  • Yokel

    He’s vain..so what.

    I wonder is that dye dangerous when near a naked flame?

  • Turbopaul

    This is just the natural mutation from socialist to neo-con “new Sinn Fein” junket junkie, holiday home owner, international jetsetter, leader of a party certainly fit for govt!

  • Keith M

    Are you sure it’s not just the effects of a lotion for head lice? Perhaps this is what SF/IRA understands by “a period of decontamination”.

  • Turbopaul

    Gerry was told this would make him more voter friendly.

    Think the advice for Brian Cowan, McDowell, if they take over from Bertie, might be more substantial! lol, lol

  • Turbopaul

    Beauty is only skin deep,

    Ugliness goes all the way through!


    Never mind Gerry and his hair, has John Hume started washing his yet?

  • Colin

    glad to see the standard of blogging on slugger is as high as ever.

  • ciaran damery

    With the corrupt Taoiseach about to resign and the ongoing Orange antics of Der Fuhrer Paisley in occupied Ireland, is the colour of Gerry adams’s hair so newsworthy?

  • Carson’s Cat

    “has John Hume started washing his yet?

    Must have been some sort of pact with Trimble – as he started washing his either?

  • Anna Dale

    “occupied Ireland”
    Ciaran sweetie,
    It’s occupied only by the people who live there;)

  • Turbopaul

    As I have stated before, the only real reason left for not having devolved power and Sinn Fein in govt, is Gerry Adams has not brushed his hair, dyed or not.

    Oh not forgetting Martin McGuinness has egg on his tie from breakfast!

    This is why Gerry’s hair is so important, it is all that is left to bar Sinn Fein from joining govt.

  • Denis Donaldson

    His hair looks like that of the late Irish patriot Denis Donaldson and is no doubt a secret code understood by those who, like Bobby Sands dyed for Irish freedom.


    Must have been some sort of pact with Trimble – as he started washing his either?

    It’s eactly this kind of washaboutery that’s dragging this site down….

    (I’ll get me coat)

  • Turbopaul

    In the upcoming blog awards Slugger will certainly win because of award winning threads like this one that stands “Head and shoulders” above the rest!

  • smcgiff

    ‘It’s eactly this kind of washaboutery that’s dragging this site down…. ‘

    And some say unionists don’t have a sense of humour… They were right! ;¬)

  • stewart

    what a shower of w*nkers you are

  • Greenflag

    ‘Wash it all about Alfie ‘ ?

    I fink its aht male menopause 🙂

  • Levitas

    I see the usual suspects come up with the usual intellectual high notes….Mick its with threads like this that you begin to lose credibility…Resist the temptation to dumb down…please..

  • Just a Hair today gone tomorrow politician!

  • aquifer

    Ogra Sinn Fein were never going to take orders from some old grey haired guy. Get yourself some trainers and a gold necklace while you are at it Gerry.

  • An Italian Suit, a diamond pinky ring, big cigar and dark sunglasses, topped off with a limo, and there you have it

    The “Dapper Don”

  • Crataegus

    Why didn’t he go for Green highlights?

  • iluvni

    Now I understand what the ‘Dont let the dye’ was all about on the wall at the top of Duncairn Gardens, 25 years ago.

  • iluvni

    ‘Dont let them dye’

    where’s the edit button??!!

  • Anna Dale

    “Resist the temptation to dumb down…please..”


    Do a Gerry and lighten up.
    I’d maybe have trimmed it down a wee bit, but this thread had highlighted the need we all have for a bit more colour in our politicians.
    Taxi’s waiting….

  • Gerri Adams Apple

    Gerry should go the full way on this. He should, for a start, shave off hjis beard, shave his legs, start taking hormones and wear women’s clothing. This would helo him reach out to Ireland’s gay and transgender community and show the true gay nature of Ireland’s radicals. Gerry is showing us his soft side. Goodbye hairy top, hello cute bottom. Bobby Sands would be proud of this new phase of the struggle. He should also get rid of those ugly glasses. So 1960s camp.

  • Nevin

    The Look: Before and after

  • Jamie

    whooops, i seem to have stumbled into the Heat website by accident……


    There’s a rumour going around that the attic of Connelly House contains a painting of Gerry, in which his hair gets grayer and grayer by the day……

  • Mick Fealty


    I hear what you say.

    But when I invite someone to blog on Slugger, I do not tell them what they can and cannot write. George has been blogging here for quite some time and his record is good.

    Having said that, I must be being a bit thick because I don’t see what George is saying is there. I just hope it is there, and that those who’ve jumped on board have followed the link and are certain thing are the way George says they are.


    there was a slight deficit on contributions from me yesterday because I was in wall to wall meetings yesterday in London. Re the Taoiseach, I did a blog on the Thursday night crisis in some parts of Leinster House. And a little bit before that. Rest assured we will follow it in detail if/when the detail breaks. There may be some interesting comment in the Sundays tomorrow, but I don’t expect much more until the Dail debate on Tuesday.


  • Mick Fealty

    PS Ciaran,

    Hit the Republic category if you want a fuller account of what we’ve done on the Ahern crisis.

  • Sorry to disappoint everyone but I saw Adams earlier today, having already read this thread, so I made an extra effort to look at his hair. There is definitely no dying going on, he’s greying as much as ever.

  • Turbopaul

    There is definitely no dying going on, he’s greying as much as ever.
    Posted by Wednesday on Sep 30, 2006 @ 05:18 PM

    Oh well, that’s it then, no more reasons to bar Sinn Fein from office, cancel the St Andrews junket, start the assembley on Monday!

  • George


    the post was merely meant as a lighthearted aside in a maelstrom of more stern Labour Party conference and impending Irish government collapse posts rather than any dumbing down, deliberate or otherwise. Slugger is bigger than one thread.

    I would put my rate of such threads at around 1%.

  • dodrade

    Is it true the DUP will insist he shaves his beard off to make sure he hasn’t hidden any arms inside it?

  • Miss Fitz

    I think it was fine thread and dont let the begrudgers get you down. It provided a little light relief and we get very little of that at times. I read the piece in an internet cafe in Lourdes, and I got a great giggle, so thank you!

  • ruairis castle

    Thought miss fitz had fallen off the radar…welcome back!!!

  • Thos Levi

    Levitas is right. Gerry Adams should be above criticism. Geryr Adams is to Ireland as the Ptophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is to the Islamic world. Prophets should never be mocked.

  • Maybe this a return to the dark old days of the past 🙂

  • POL

    Is it true that arlene foster has more hair on her top lip than wee reg has on his head.Maybe this could be used as a means to suppress or divert attention away from dup electrol criminality.

  • POL

    An Italian Suit, a diamond pinky ring, big cigar and dark sunglasses, topped off with a limo, and there you have it

    The “Dapper Don”

    Surely he has`nt joined the uda

  • Fintan, Portlaoise

    Who cares? If he is trying to look his best, it only shows his respect for the public. After all, dressing and grooming oneself well is recognised as a form of politeness in some of the more civilised parts of the world.

    And I bet Gerry isn’t letting the taxpayer pay for it, unlike the Loreal Taoiseach, whose office spends €1,800 a month on two part-time makeup girls.

  • Miss Fitz

    Gonna take a bit more than lippy and mascara to get Bertie out of this fine mess Fintan! Was in Port for the weekend, and it was the only thing people were talking about. I think though that he is being mocked so publicly and widely is a very bad omen for his chances of survival