The Politician’s Wife

Chris Thornton interviews Elizabeth Haywood, Peter Hain’s wife.

Dr Haywood (the PhD is from Swansea University) has kept a fairly low profile for the wife of a senior Cabinet politician. As a woman who says she is determined to keep her own business – and her economic independence – apart from her husband’s political career, this is a situation that’s suited her.
But she realises that is likely to change.
“I’m sort of resigned to it. What I want to try and avoid is that it has any direct impact on my own economic life, if you like. If I’m there because I’m there to help Peter and as part of his lifestyle, that’s one thing. What I don’t want that to do is actually spill over into the other things that I’m doing – as most people don’t want it to spill over into their children’s lives or anything like that.”

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