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  • Mick I thought you might be on about this😉

  • Brian Boru

    Link doesn’t really work. But there is already near enough an English Parliament if you remove Scottish and Welsh and NI MPs from voting on internal English matters yes? But then that would keep Labour out of power much longer wouldn’t it? Remember the Tories won the last GE in England. How likely is it that Labour will oblige then? Doubtful! 😉

  • DK

    It looks like there is minimal support from politicians for an English parliament (and 75% of the public against it from the opinion poll). Where there is support is for limiting of voting on English matters to English MPs. As usual, the devil is in the detail – how do you define what is an English matter; do English MPs not be allowed to vote on Scottish/Welsh/NI matters. For NI matters can only NI MPs vote!!!

    This will be used as an election gatherer by the tories and then conveniently forgotten.

  • kensei

    “Link doesn’t really work. But there is already near enough an English Parliament if you remove Scottish and Welsh and NI MPs from voting on internal English matters yes? But then that would keep Labour out of power much longer wouldn’t it? Remember the Tories won the last GE in England.”

    No, they won the populat vite, not the election.

    As an Irish Republican, loving this. I fully support all of the nonsense, because it’ll rip the UK apart within a generation.

    It’ll be better for England, scotland and Wales too. Everyone is a winner.

  • lib2016

    ….and England is already an extremely disruptive and semidetached member of the EU while the Celts are mostly good Europeans. Bring it on, bhoyo!

    Let the Yanks have their Airforce One and let the rest of us have peace for the first time in a thousand years.

  • PHIL


    The idea that the Irish, Scots and Welsh are “Celts” and we English are “Anglo-Saxon” is a bit of a myth frankly and right up there with the Nazi idea of a pure Ayrian race. I have plenty of Irish and Scots ancestory but I’m 100% English so where do you pidgeon hole me? As for your laughable suggestion that it is the English that are the Yanks poodle can I remind you that it was Scotsman Blair that sent UK troops to Afghanistan and Iraq. As for the English not being good Europeans you may have a point, certainly I am not keen on a the way that the EU is run like a dictatorship but I recognise its role in maintaining peace and stability and I believe that most non-Sun reading English people wouldn’t want complete withdrawal, just for it to have more accountability and to be more in touch with reality.


    As an English nationalist I agree with you to a certain extent, but I would be much happier if the UK’s break up were negotiated properly as I believe that there would be less ill feeling between our respective people, but unfortunately the politicians that need to start the ball rolling are too scared to even raise the subject. Labour, who let’s face it kick started this by devolving power to national parlaiments in Scotland and Wales to try and win back support from the nationalist parties in those countries won’t confront the issue because they fear losing control of England. They underestimated the people of this country and no ammount of banging the British drum (did anyone else notice the number of union flags at their conference last week?) is going to alter the fact that England has been the real loser in their devolution settlement. As for the Tories, they think that barring foreign MP’s from English votes is going to solve the problem, but who will decide what is an English matter, wouldn’t it be open to interpritation? Wouldn’t it also make these non-English MP’s rather redundant? The Tories cling to the union like a comfort blanket and I cannot understand why they never stick up for England. All you ever hear from them is that they wouldn’t want to damage the union and how things like the Barnett formula are the price that England must pay for the sake of the union. I have yet to hear a valid arguement fron any Conservative & Unionist supporter as to why England is better off in the UK. Instead you hear David “I’ve got Scottish blood in my veins you know” Camoron making a fool of himself desperately chasing the Tartan vote. All the smoke and mirrors from the big two parties is simply storing up trouble for later and will inevitably lead to a less than amicable break up.

    It is important for this issue to be debated openly as few people realise the implications of devolution to England. It is only when it is pointed out that bills are being passed in the UK parlaiment that will only apply in England but are being voted on by MP’s from non-English constituancies that people here start to feel agreived. The snowball effect as more and more people realise that they are being shafted by non-accountable politicians will become an unstopable juggernaught in time and the UK will quickly cease to exist.

  • Crataegus

    This all goes back to a botch regionalisation and reform of the UK. New Labour had not a clue of what they wanted to achieve in an overall sense.

  • Christopher

    England should have been the first part of the British Isles to get its own parliament. Ireland has two, Scotland and Wales has theres what happened to England? It is by far the largest country in the British Isles in terms of population and land area. It’s just ridiculous and I hope this injustice is soon fixed!

  • Crataegus


    Why base it on countries and not regions?

    What powers should be devolved?

    Should they all be the same?

    How does Westminster fit in?

    How does Europe fit in?

    What role for councils?

    What about the role of the House of Lords?

    What about elected Mayors what is their role and answerable to who?

    To my mind there is at least one layer that should have virtually no function. Before you start something of this nature you would think you would have a coherent plan in mind?

  • Greenflag


    ‘New Labour had not a clue of what they wanted to achieve in an overall sense. ‘

    You could be right considering whats now underway in Scotland . Wales seems to have less problems ?

    Christopher ,

    England has 1
    Ireland has 2
    Scotland has 1
    Wales has 1

    Ireland wins again 🙂 or does it ?

    Maybe it’s not how many or even if you have one but just what you do with it ?

    Case in point – NI non Assembly ?

    At the heart of all of this issue for the ‘regions’ is whether or not it’s practical or even possible for each region/country to have it’s own ‘economic policy’ and tax raising /reducing powers so that policies can be implemented locally that can work both in a national, UK and EU context ?

    Maybe two ‘contexts ‘ is the limit?

  • Greenflag

    Crataegus ,

    ‘Before you start something of this nature you would think you would have a coherent plan in mind? ‘

    You might think that 🙂 Coherence has nearly always had to take second place to political expediency , imperial interest, political self preservation and I’m sure many other more pressing demands than just ‘coherence’. Just look at the history of British ‘coherent’ planning in Ireland /Northern Ireland .

    It should come as no surprise. BTW I’m not suggesting it’s just a british phenomenon but at least as regards Ireland they appear to have excelled in the practice of ‘incoherence’

    It would be a shame to see this repeated in England , Scotland and/or Wales .

    Well It’s 2006 and not 1700 or 1900 and we live in modern Europe so I don’t ever see any possible ‘incoherence ‘ resulting in a repeat of the Irish experience .

  • Crataegus


    I don’t think that the British government had any overall concept in mind when they started and I agree events and expediency can drive you off course but the initial vision has to be sound.

    I have always argued for greater devolution to the regions but the reciprocal of that is a diminution of the role of Westminster. Politicians voting to reduce their influence! What is local, Education, health? What is national, foreign policy, defence? Who collects what tax and who pays for what? If you have strong regional Assemblies in small areas then what is the point of many of the councils?

    I don’t think you need three layers of government but which is unnecessary?

  • PHIL


    “England has 1”

    You’re having a laugh, right?

  • England doesnt have one and England being nearly 10 times bigger than any other “country” in the British Isles should have been FIRST not last to get its own parliament. Shows you what a joke devolution is. Now I would favor one parliament for Scotland and ONE for Ireland in Dublin (similar if not identical to the Scottish parliament). Ireland would return to the UK where it belongs. It is southern Ireland’s fault that Ireland is divided and no one elses. Northern Ireland stopped being any of their business when they left the rest of the UK. Any reconciliation of the future which is essential, should be between the people of the Isles, not just the island of ireland. A united Ireland would NOT mean Ulster has to leave the UK, on the contrary the south should return to the UK they are the odd one out in the BRITISH Isles at the moment. Besides its only them and a few Catholics in the North that are bothered by a partioned Ireland anyway. Finally I would have one for England AND Wales, a small region like Wales doesn’t have or need its own parliament, (it doesn’t even have its own seperate legal system). I would also integrate the Isle of Man and Channel Islands fully into the UK. They are semi integrated in several areas but its a shame they are not fully and do we really need tiny islands off the coast of Britian having parliaments? No we do not and Gibraltar should be fully integrated into our country as well! UK is in serious need of constitutional reform.