Whatever happened to Sinn Fein…

A week or two ago there was a photo op for Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald on Howth Head. One journalist who was present told Slugger the only memorable thing he could remember was when someone asked Gerry what he thought of the McDowell accession to the top of the PDs. Whilst Sinn Fein may not be making much headway on the airwaves, it is reported to be throwing everything but the kitchen sink at some of its key targets, almost to the exclusion of all other considerations. Cian believes it is the late arrival of fragmentation politics:

Recent polls suggest a cooling in the Sinn Fein vote and a general boosting of the Fianna Fail one. The Sinn Fein machine has set about slicing off a section of Fianna Fail support for its own. It pounds pavements in working class areas, getting its message across that the party of support is not aligned with their interests. “Look behind the rhetoric and you will see a party that doesn’t support you” is the alluring call. Independents operate in a similar vein, emphasising how the parties do not represent certain interests, despite their claims/appeals to.

The test for the new strategy is, of course, next May, at which time I shall be proved foolishly naive or sharply insightful.


  • parcifal

    “No more heroes anymore”.. you can guess what’s on Mick’s Ipod 😉

  • fair_deal

    The sod the media wrap the doors approach would fit with Declan Kearney’s recent article.

  • Henry94

    It is seats won that matter and from what I can see every party is going all out. The pavements are being pounded in middle-class areas too by parties very keen to assure all and sundry that their intrests will be represented.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Now that SF no longer have the shadow of a gunman behind them, they’re having to sink or swim in modern politics, where personalities and awkward subjects like realistic electable policies tend to be strong factors. It’s nice to see a political nation of equals on the horizon.

  • Yokel

    Funnily enough, the Shinners are fairly quiet at the moment, was thinking about that just today. Given this whole deadline for talks business I’d expect more from them.

    I always remember as a kid in west belfast knowing that when it was very quiet at night it was time for me and me mates to get off the street…I wonder what the thing about to drop is now? Ummmmmmmmm

    As for the South the political parties down there can’t fecking well stand them so they’d need much more than the 8-10% figures in the polls to make it into proper power.

  • ciaran damery

    The spotlight has not been shining on Sinn Féin in recent months. But politics in general have been quiet with the notable exception of allegations concerning Bertie and cash, and the ‘coup d’etat’ of neo-con and pro-partitionist McDowell in the tiny, west brit pee dee party. In any case Sinn Féin have to all intents and purposes been busy as bees in the 15 odd constituencies where they have either a great or possible chance of gaining a seat. Hence the rather dismal showings in National polls. Although Sinn Féin is contesting most if not all seats, the focus is on the few. This is a long struggle for the current leadership and they appear to be in it for the long haul. Once the party creates a solid parliamentary foundation in the South (within 2 elections) and its 15 or so TDs re-energize the Dáil, despite the croneyism and conservatism of all the main parties, the party can expect to overtake Labour and take a chunk of FF’s vote. The only thing is, can we wait that long for ‘deliverance’? The incessant attacks by sectarian Unionist militias and the absurd perspective of the Orange Klans and Paisleyites certainly do not help the cause of peace. Time will tell…