Paisley will go to Manchester…

From Gary Kent in Manchester:

The speculation can now end. The DUP leader Ian Paisley is definitely attending the Labour Party conference for the first time. It is 10 years since the then UUP leader David Trimble attended his first Labour Party conference as part of his charm offensive to win support within the Labour Party which was obviously on course to win the election in 1997. Paisley will address a private breakfast meeting later in the week.


  • tiny

    yet again ‘leading’ in someone else’s footsteps

  • Mancunian

    This is clearly a welcome development.

    And if Ian is reading this and fancies a drink, I’ll happily be his guide. Just make your way to canal st Ian and we’ll take it from there.

    Save Ulster from what?

  • Mancunian
    A drink of what? Tea.

    Save Ulster from the Devil’s Milk!

  • JR

    I take it ‘Big Ian’ wouldn’t have approved of Jesus first miracle!!!

  • JR
    It was grape juice!!!

  • JR

    Grape Juice!!!

    Now I’m glad I wasn’t at that wedding!!

  • Paul P

    2000 years ago Jesus turned water into wine.Ever since Christians have been trying to turn it back.

  • Dave

    I was wondering where to go and listen to the good doctor speak. Someone suggested that I should be able to hear him in Liverpool!

  • Rory

    Maybe after he’s been down Canal Street he’ll find himself converted. After all the love of one’s fellow man is surely central to his beliefs.

  • Upper Falls

    Fair play to the good Doctor on bring the Unionist cause to the labour conference.

  • Butterknife

    Is this the same ‘Doctor’ that accepted the honour knowing that the university bestowing it was racist? Mmmmm. Even if the doctorate is honourary I suggest he has no right in prefixing his name with ‘Dr’ – morally or otherwise.
    If the rumours are true i would think he is more likely tp be booed off stage.

  • pith

    If he carries on down the motorway he might come to a big place called London. It has a building in it called the Houses of Parliament. He could go in and see what it looks like.

  • Greenflag

    Somebody at the breakfast table could of course cause Paisley to choke on his ornage juice by asking him why he was hobnobbing with former Philipine President /Dictator a few years back in Manila ? Now I can understand that Marcos not being keen on real democracy would have been interested in the DUP leaders views, but isn’t that a long way to go to have to find Free P recruits ? Perhaps Paisley was putting together a shoe collection from Imelda’s excess ?

  • Greenflag

    ‘Paisley will go to Manchester…’

    Great news 🙂

    ‘Paisley will stay in Manchester…’

    Better news for Ireland if not for Mancunians 🙂

    ‘Paisley will not return from Teheran ‘

    Best news of all 🙂

  • Upper Falls

    I think Mr Butterknife is a wee bit jealous

  • Greenflag
    Maybe Marcos briefed him on the the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

  • Butterknife

    Too right Upper Falls. If i thought racism in all its forms would work out like it has with Paisley et al i would have went done that wider path a long time ago.
    I wonder if its too late to join a paramilitery organisation so that the government can buy me off – i need to pay a utility bill this month and it has just occured to me that the State no longer respects a law biding WASP. O well mustn’t grumble (TOG in training).