Another day another star turn…

From Gary Kent in Manchester

President Bill Clinton came to give the party the benefit of his experience of saying goodbye to office and of being the spouse of a political leader. Divorce is not an option was his summary of how we are all part of an interdependent world but one which is unjust, unsafe and unsustainable. A powerful speech well worth reading.

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  • joeCanuck

    Reading where Mick?

  • Henry94

    And he urged the party not to be unduly concerned at recent polls and newspaper reports.

    “The Guardian says 70 per cent of the public think it is ‘time for a change’,” he noted.

    “Do you know what I think you should say? Of course it is.

    “It is always time for a change in a great and dynamic nation.

    Still having trouble with the meaning of “is”.

  • It depends on the meaning of “is”.

  • Brighid McBride

    Sigh~Big Dog’s working on his acceptance speech for when he’s chosen to lead the United Nations. We all wish he’d just go for it, and we’ll be happy to have him there. But, his support for Tony Blair rings a little hollow by this time.