Renewal on the Crumlin Road?

There’s a flickr group set up for photographs of buildings in Northern Ireland that are in deep neglect. One of them is the old Criminal Courthouse on the Crumlin Road: though it looks like it may have a future as a hotel. News clip from RTE.

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  • Wasn’t this already reported a couple of weeks ago?

  • Donnie

    Who in their right mind is gonna want to stay in a hotel in the Crum? They’d need to raze the entire N. Belfast area and start again.

  • Uatu

    Given the tunnel under No1 court, they could offer cheap, budget accommodation in the annex over the road.

  • andy

    Well at least Jackie and the uff extortionists will make a few quid in protection money.

  • Crataegus

    On its own I don’t see this development working, but there is considerable land surrounding that needs to be developed, there is the Gaol; the Park (whatever it was called) behind the Mater used as a barracks, all the derelict land around Clifton Park Avenue; the large church on Carlisle Circus and yet more land in lower Old Park and lower sections of the Crumlin Road.

    In another part of town this area would be a massive building site, but because of the problems with local vermin it is highly unlikely that there will be any development.

    This is one of the real costs of the UDA.They are hindering inprovement over large areas, particularily in North Belfast, and are destroying their own communities.