Moving swiftly on from the past to a techno-future…

From Gary Kent in Manchester:

I’ve got to say that Tony Blair’s joke about how there was never a danger of Cherie Blair running away with the bloke next door was just brilliant chutzpah and could draw a line under the foot in the mouth comment by “er indoors.”On first blush, the speech is to me a substantial, straightforward and down to earth contribution on how to meet the policy challenges of the new world – energy, personalised and responsive public services,
terrorism without mercy or the limit (unlike the old IRA) and the “Google Generation” that have emerged in very short order.

For example, as Tessa Jowell at this morning’s Ulster Fry breakfast reception in Manchester, pointed out that back in 1997 no one sent text messages. Now 35 billion such messages are sent every year and there are 80 million web sites.

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