“Don’t ignore the polls, but don’t be paralysed by them either”

It maybe an old truism, but Labour are going to miss Blair when he goes. His speech dealt directly fevered media speculation his wife Cherie’s alleged comment against the Chancellor yesterday, but saying at least he hadn’t had to worry about “whether his wife was going to run off with the bloke next door”. See also Nick Robinson and the Mandalson remarks). As a footnote there were only two, very brief, mentions for Northern Ireland, both in the past tense: devolution and relief from government from Whitehall (no hint of irony on his face), and the Middle East. In a combative reprise of his classic ’94 address he taunted the Tories for their alleged lack of decision. “My advice on the Cameron Tories: ‘get after them’!”Hmmm, wobbly legs at Central Office?

  • Bushmills

    A magnificent performance by Blair. Gordon Brown isn’t a scratch on the man for sheer presence and command. After three or four years in opposition, the Labour Party will look back with misty-eyes and re-assess Blair as probably their greatest leader.

  • Pete Baker

    Hmm.. Mick,

    If Blair had talked about “whether his wife was going to run off with the wife next door”, Gordon Brown and his supporters would probably have been irritated.. and the audience may not have thought it very diplomatic in the circumstances.

    So it’s just as well that he didn’t..

  • micheal

    So Labour are going to miss the mass murdering, buthcher of downing street who has made them unelectable. Yeah right!

  • Bushmills


    “butcher of Downing Street” perhaps, but he won them three elections in a row, delivered them middle-class support in significant numbers, forced Labour to occupy the central ground (which they still do) and has pushed the Tories into accepting nearly all of his domestic policies.

    Labour must still be considered odds on to win a fourth term, and as for the Tories – where’s the beef? Little Boy Blue is hollow and vaccous – Brown is a political heavy-weight who’ll make mince-meat out of him. Cameron is not, NOT, NOT the Tory Party’s Tony Blair.