Beeb’s Dancers replaced by Wall of Death

The Guardian Media section [reg may be req] points to the expected announcement of 100 job losses at the BBC News department and also has a preview of the new BBC 1 ‘Circle’ ident[6.2Mb mpg file].. but, although it’s referred throughout the report as a ‘Circle’ theme, and the file name is Bikeswithfinal.mpg, it’s actually a Wall of Death… now, why wouldn’t the BBC want to call it that? Update There will also be kites, the moon, surfers and synchronised hippos.. [Disney might sue – Ed]

  • dodrade

    I wish they’d bring back the balloon/globe.

  • Brendan

    A lone man pointlessly going round and round the same small space for decades …. sounds exactly like Irish Unionists to me !
    Can we get him to wear a sash and say No ?