Words and actions

At the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis Gerry Adams said:
“Our engagement with unionism must deepen and broaden in the time ahead. This is a major challenge for this party and I would urge everyone, every activist to take up this challenge personally…Everyone has the right to guarantees for their civil and religious liberties. Republicans need to talk to unionists about this…We want to talk about Irish unity, about safe guarding everyones rights and identity.” Hear it live here.

Outside what is believed to be the Waterford Crystal Visitor Centre, two Ogra Sinn Fein activists (possibly including the head of OSF) responded to the call in the following manner:

The text with the photographs says:
“Between Kilkenny and Cork, some Ógra Shinn Féin activists ‘On The One Road’ stop off at Waterford to relieve two flag poles of the Imperialist British and USA Flag. An act in solidarity with oppressed people the world over. Up The Republic!”

Who were these two activists? The “On the One Road” tour was undertaken by Barry McColgan, Ogra Sinn Fein’s National Organiser and a number of others. This is Barry McColgan.

This is Barry McColgan speaking at the Ogra Sinn Fein “One Road” event in Cork. Note the yellow t-shirt, faded jeans and similar hair style with one of the people in the first three photographs and remember it was while travelling to Cork that this occured. All images sourced from Ogra Sinn Fein’s new blogspot.

PS Will Congressman Pete King be impressed with the treatment of the American flag too?