Sinn Féin lose two councillors?

Very little information on this online, or anywhere else, although I’m told it was mentioned on the UTV news bulletin last night, and the Daily Mirror has a short note today. Two Sinn Féin councillors on Magherafelt District Council, Oliver Hughes and Patsy Groogan, have apparently resigned from the Council and, seemingly, from the party. No statements yet from either parties, or indeed, the party itself. Anyone know more? Update The Sunday Times reports that they have resigned from Sinn Féin, but not the Council… and they won’t say why..This is the extent of the information so far, from the Daily Mirror

SF Pair Quit Party
Two Sinn Féin councillors last night resigned from the party. It is not yet known why Oliver Hughes and Patsy Groogan quit Magherafelt Council.

As I said it’s a short note.. but the two resigning at the same time would indicate something more than simply personal circumstances.

Update From the Sunday Times

Hughes, a brother of the hunger striker Francis Hughes, said: “My colleague Patsy Groogan and I have resigned. It is purely a domestic issue within the republican movement in south Derry. I won’t be elaborating on it.” Groogan said they had not been expelled, but would not comment further. Both will remain on Magherafelt council as independents.

I won’t be elaborating on it.“? Two elected councillors resign from their party and they stonewall questions on why?

  • godsdog

    This bad news for SF, two good republicans one a long standing Councillor leaving the party, i dont know why but i would imagine it is in reaction to the junta that have taken over the party post july 28th

  • Garibaldy

    Gods dog,

    Was there a leadership change I didn’t notice? Would you elaborate as to who constitutes the junta?

  • unionist

    beginning to look like the deal has been done over policing and some don’t like it

    the choreography around gregory’s statement would fit

  • slug

    Does anyone know whether they are modernisers or traditionalists?

  • James St John Smythe

    Very much traditionalists. Oliver Hughes is a brother of Francis Hughes, the second hunger striker to die. It’s very interesting because there have been increasing reports of disaffection in the South Derry area.

  • slug

    Thank you James.

    Its interesting that they have resigned from the Council, rather than just from the party, triggering the need for replacements to be found.

    Its also strange that they would resign from the party ahead of the PSNI vote. That makes it more likely the leadership will win.

  • A Question

    Is it possible for councillors to resign from their parties but stay on the council?

  • slug

    Question – answer is yes. For example Peter Bowles resigned from the UUP recently to join the Tories while retaining his council seat.

  • ciaran damery

    An ominous warning to mainstream Republican leaders, NOT to stray too far away from its roots. If Sinn Féin lose their Irish Republican support base, that is, support of the electorate in ‘republican heartlands’, the possibility of war breaking out again, is high. The Republican Movement simply cannot comply with all that its enemies demand of it. The leadership need to be very cogniscant of this….as should the Brits.

  • Yokel

    South Derry is becoming a cockpit for the traditionalist northern republican faction. Is this linked to those factions or not?

    If those factions can get their act toegther (and maybe do a few robberies to get the funds) and start fighting for council seats, they surely must be able to peel some support of Sinm Fein. Even if not enough to get a council seat, enough to deny Sinn Fein in certain areas?

    Ciaran Damery, bless you, ya little angry pixie. Coochie coo! I lived here for pretty much all the troubles, it was many things but it wasn’t a war. Go to Iraq, thats a war. And as for the Brits, they are delighted.

  • Brenda

    Could this be Martin Cunningham take II? Or strictly an issue over policing?

  • abc

    If you could get your act together in relation to your spelling, you may not come across as a completely dimwitted fool.

  • Comrade Stalin

    The leadership need to be very cogniscant of this….as should the Brits.


    The leadership should be cogniscant of watchtowers being re-erected. Does the republican community want a war over their bullsh*t position on policing ?

  • Glen Taisie

    Prominent North Antrim SF councillor to follow suit (not in a card sense).

    No word yet from ex Orange Order,ex ABOD,ex Seventh Day Adventist preacher,ex RUC,ex SDLP councillor Billy Leonard.

    Adams Knew

  • slug

    Oliver McMullan?

  • empey head

    It’s really bewildering for you Glen, that, horror of horrors, a protestant can actually be a republican in the same way that-wait for it, wait for it… a catholic can even be a unionist!!

  • ciaran damery

    Empty says, “a catholic can even be a unionist!!” But he/she cannot be a member of the supremacist Orange Klans.

  • The Devil


    This is all media garbage…. take it down now Slugger

    No one left the party… not one person is disenchanted

    Everyone is all sweet and on board and in love with the greatest leadership anywhere on this planet….

    HOW DO I KNOW…. BECAUSE Martin McG told us all last week the week before and this week that everything was sound, and Martin never lies ever as no doubt you all are aware.

    No not Martin McGartland you silly boy, no the other agent instead

  • kensei

    “If you could get your act together in relation to your spelling, you may not come across as a completely dimwitted fool.”

    Ban Request. Seriously.

  • The Devil


    perhaps you could help this poor completely dim-witted fool and point out the spelling mistakes for me… for future reference.

    but just to help your spelling “dimwitted has a hyphen dim-witted”

    a hyphen is the little flat line that looks like it fell off a letter T as in Teacher and Tosser

  • The Devil


    sorry thought you were posting about me… lol

    well your right i am dim-witted


    Shouldn’t that be you’re ?

  • yousycophanticsop

    Has to be over the touts in sf – ‘Denis the Menace’ & co. but the ‘co’ can never be admitted to. If martin’s a tout, derry and mid-ulster fall and the whole process is a sham. Can’t admit to that boys, and gals. Too smart for that. Lets keep the sycophants drooling on and onnn ’til we work out what to do’. Problem, as Ingram pointed, or was it Moloney, was this ‘permanent leadership’. All one had to do was ‘lick ass’ and one’s ejection up the ladder was guaranteed, or should that be ‘erection’. Too easy for ‘Brit Intelligence’ (‘scuse the oxymoron oh bearded one)
    oh shit# I’m turning into sycophanticsop.
    Back to the wine!
    Better stop right nowwwwwwww

  • Glen Taisie

    No haven’t heard anything about Oliver McMullan the betting is thatit is an even more prominent North Antrim Councillor with South Derry connections.

  • Glen Taisie

    Empey Head

    For the record, I am Church OF Ireland and have always supported an agreed United Ireland.

  • slug

    Not Philip McGuigan?

  • Dualta

    Just heard that a Derry councillor is on the brink of walking over the expected policing move.

  • godsdog

    Almost all the entire midlle level leadership within the 6 counties has been changed within the last year, Cumann, Comhairle Ceanntair chairs and Belfast have all been effectivley been replaced by people who were seen to be safe!, the public leadership remains unchanged, but in reality the real leadership is now firmly in the hands of a small group of people who have made the party totally undemocratic and stale. People are leaving in their droves.

  • Garibaldy


    Thanks for that. But aren’t these replacements just the appointees of the people at the top, i.e. Adams, McGuiness and their acolytes like Gibney?

  • austin

    I am sure that you remain just as keen to talk about that other branch of the IRA-The Officials who have carried out 2 savage shootings in the last few weeks-No coverage in the Sunday World or Observer today-surprise, surprise.

    Now, great democrat that you are, I’ll let you get back to your salivating over possible dissent amongst the branch of the IRA that is’nt actually carrying out any shootings.

    No hypocriscy there then eh?

  • Garibaldy


    I’m not salivating over anything. I asked Godsdog for an explanation of something he said. The thrust of my contributions on these threads has been that I don’t think there is any great change within PSF. Personally, I’d say there is a sense of disillusionment among some PSF activists but that ultimately this won’t make much difference if any to PSF’s electoral growth. So the defection of the odd councillor here or there doesn’t actually matter. PSF will keep these seats, and their electoral advance will continue.

    As for those newspapers and the issue of confusing people’s alignments, I’m not sure there’s a great deal more to add. I note as far as I can see that no other papers talk about the Weldon story this week, nor is there even a thread on Slugger about the week lad shot in Ardoyne yesterday. Perhaps that is a conspiracy too. Or maybe these things aren’t that newsworthy any more.

  • Garibaldy


    you might be interested in this quote from another thread


    If you are really interested in who shot the leg off a young lad.. go see the very senior member of the Provos in the Ballymurphy area related through marrige to a former communist and has the same initials as a type of sexual preference , he had a major row with the victim and told him in no uncertain terms that he would be dealt with..

    The top Provo then arranged for someone who flits between CIRA and the SUPER-STICKS [ORM] to blast his leg off.



    Frankly, who would trust that there had been a sea change in mainstream republican thinking if there were no defections?

    As long as the voters Sinn Fein have gained, remain happy to vote for the party, that’s what really counts.

  • Brenda

    But will they Taff? A lot of people vote for the person, not just the party. When Eddie McGrady didn’t stand for the sdlp it went to SF afaik. Personalities can sway a vote just as much as party politics.

  • austin

    Garibaldi, I again reiterate that time will show that the OIRA carried out both recent shootings

  • Yokel

    So I’m a dim-witted fool. Fantastic…I was too busy at adult basic literacy classes today to respond to the post sooner…..

    The republican movement has gone through many splits and offshoots just as it is now. There will always be people who believe in the Brits Out and any measures to get them out route. It’s just a matter of how strong they can get and will they, in time, eclipse Sinn Fein as the most prominent standard bearer of republicanism.

  • Upper Falls

    I hear there may be resignations in fermanagh of two hardcore councillors.

  • páid

    RSF warhorse Ruairí Ó Brádaigh said a good while back that another generation of Irishmen would decry the compromisers in SF and ‘continue the fight for Irish freedom’ – a debatable concept in my book.

    At the time I dismissed him, mostly because the grievances are being slowly addressed, and partly because I hate the campaigns and the counter-campaigns and the sheer human suffering they produce.

    Starting to get a bit worried though.

  • TheVoiceOfTreason

    I just heard that Martin McGuinness has just joined the PUP.

    Actually I haven’t heard anything of the sort, it’s just everyone makes ludicrous things up here and dresses it up with “I just heard” and I was feeling a little left out.

    OK I’ll only comment on stuff I have at least half a clue about, will everyone else do the same?