Sinn Féin lose two councillors?

Very little information on this online, or anywhere else, although I’m told it was mentioned on the UTV news bulletin last night, and the Daily Mirror has a short note today. Two Sinn Féin councillors on Magherafelt District Council, Oliver Hughes and Patsy Groogan, have apparently resigned from the Council and, seemingly, from the party. No statements yet from either parties, or indeed, the party itself. Anyone know more? Update The Sunday Times reports that they have resigned from Sinn Féin, but not the Council… and they won’t say why..This is the extent of the information so far, from the Daily Mirror

SF Pair Quit Party
Two Sinn Féin councillors last night resigned from the party. It is not yet known why Oliver Hughes and Patsy Groogan quit Magherafelt Council.

As I said it’s a short note.. but the two resigning at the same time would indicate something more than simply personal circumstances.

Update From the Sunday Times

Hughes, a brother of the hunger striker Francis Hughes, said: “My colleague Patsy Groogan and I have resigned. It is purely a domestic issue within the republican movement in south Derry. I won’t be elaborating on it.” Groogan said they had not been expelled, but would not comment further. Both will remain on Magherafelt council as independents.

I won’t be elaborating on it.“? Two elected councillors resign from their party and they stonewall questions on why?