Drumcree march to be reviewed after Lodge gives false information to Commission

The High Court has told the Parades Commission to review its decision not to restrict Saturday’s Orange Order parade at Drumcree to mark 3,000 days since Orangemen were barred from marching along the Garvaghy Road. The ruling came after Mr Justice Weatherup said the commission was told there was no general call-out but the Portadown District Lodge’s website contradicted that.Mr Justice Weatherup said Portadown District Lodge on its website had called for Orange Order members throughout Northern Ireland to join the march at Drumcree Hill.

“The commission has been given an ill-founded assurance and accordingly that is a relevant consideration which requires to be taken into account in relation to their decision to issue no determination.” The commission will discuss the matter on Saturday. It seems the advantage is back with the Garvaghy residents after the initial “tactical mistake” of objecting to Commissioner’s Mrs Scott-McKinley’s role in the decision because she has relatives in the Orange Order.