The Expensive cost of ‘Ba Humbug’ Politics in Coleraine

DUP councillors in Coleraine have had to dig deep to cover the cost of an £18,000 legal bill arising from a court case taken by Sinn Fein councillor Billy Leonard. The 9 DUP councillors have each parted with £2,000 after Cllr. Leonard had taken Coleraine Council to court following his exclusion -at the behest of the DUP- from the Council’s Christmas Party last year. Billy Leonard, clearly savouring his victory, commented, “If they had not been so politically and crassly stupid about this issue, it would not have happened at all.” However, a clearly unremorseful Adrian McQuillan (DUP) said, “I know £2,000 would have bought a lot of cocktails sausages, but I stand by our decision that we were right not to invite Billy Leonard.”