Bloggers: ‘people with too much time on their hands’?

Here’s a thing. Wendy Austin speaking on Good Morning Ulster this morning whilst talking about golf (around 8.25): “…blogs … I think the people who write these have little to do”. Priceless!

It is a fact that some bloggers (in the US and the UK) have little else to do but blog and write/lecture about blogging: primarily because it pays them to do so! Others are fully occupied elsewhere but bring keen expertise to bare on specific issues and consequently can have major effects on wider public debate. She could do worse than get a copy of Iain Dale’s A list of UK bloggers. Even better Wendy and RU colleagues, come to Dublin on 7th October, and join the conversation. We welcome sceptics, as much as the smug converts!Wendy’s remark though (however light and off the cuff) does raise questions about 1) how useful blogs are, and/ 2) whether mainstream journalists are still stuck in old, increasingly outdated practices?