Market failure

No central heating, no bathroom facilities, an outside toilet and now no lighting (because of bad wiring). The standard of accomodation one private landlord provides in Belfast in 2006. In the same area, the Housing Executive considers one-third of the homes unfit for human habitation.

  • eranu

    is it legal to rent out a house in that state? id name and shame the landlord..

  • PaddyReilly

    The point is that after 60 years in residence, Mr Turley would still be paying the 1946 rent. Which is peanuts. The flat is effectively his, not the landlord’s.

  • jaun

    shouldn’t the civil rights crowd have regognised and agitated about this in the 70’s ? or is there something about the village that diluted their agenda ?

  • Crataegus

    I have seen quite a few houses like this around the country and many are owned by the elderly or those on low income, people who are on the edge without any surplus income. Some really sad cases, decent people just stuck in a poverty trap. On the other side of the coin this last week I also saw a block of NEW apartments that were utterly wrecked by tenants and forces one to question the rationale behind trying to house them.

    There are also a considerable number of houses in parts on NI in areas that no one wants to live in and I think it is high time we started to look at some of these areas and perhaps consider comprehensive redevelopment in order to release the land and provide much needed high density accommodation in and around central Belfast.

  • PaddyReilly

    Another point: if you are over sixty and have no central heating, I believe grants are available from the state. They used to be available for providing internal w.c.s as well. I would suggest that the resident neads legal advice on this point.