In other news…

After a recording surfaced of, what could be described as, an honest speech from the Hungarian Prime Minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, albeit to a select audience, hundreds were injured as outraged citizens attempt to storm Parliament in Budapest. Further protests reported tonight. In Thailand, a seemingly injury free – if not free from the threat of violence – attempted coup as the military move while the unpopular Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra [or maybe not unpopular – Ed] was at the UN. And an outbreak of civil agreement in the historically uncivil dispute between Spain and Gibraltar… Meanwhile.. grass-roots consultation, apparently, is to be the latest reported theme locally.. CorrectionAs Paul (formerly of N Irish Magyar blog) points out in the comments, although the protest began at the parliament, the violence was sparked by a group of protestors who left the largely peaceful protest there and moved to the state TV headquarters, as the BBC report noted

However hundreds of protesters gathered outside parliament on Tuesday, carrying a symbolic coffin with a placard that read: “We will bury the government of Gyurcsany.”

The trouble began on Monday night, when a group of protesters left a largely peaceful demonstration near parliament and went to TV headquarters.

According to reports, they wanted a petition to be read out on air, and when refused, attacked the building.

Riot police sent to contain the protest came under assault from protesters throwing cobblestones and bottles and setting cars alight.