reminiscences – heroes and myths

Excuse the long abscence. I recently grabbed a three day holiday on someone’s settee and included a daytrip to Brighton. The nature of the community arts beast says I have to catch up with my workload. This is a link to a new piece on the Creative Mournes Project. Not a poem; but I felt it needed setting out like one. This is a conversation I walked into at The Cnocnafeola Centre on the first nght of the project.. Please bear with it to the end of the piece. The storyteller concerned has promised a further contribution to illustrate.

  • ozzy

    Don’t know how people can get a balanced view of history. History is always subjective and written according to the dominant group.

    Interesting article and led to many thoughts especially about the similarities between the protestants and the catholics.

    Feel it is important to celebrate similarities between groups rather then differences, may be then peace would have a chance, no matter where in the world.

  • ozzy

    Surprised no further comments on this article.

    I found it very interesting, lots of possible debating points.

    I found the origins of some the myths surprising and I didn’t understand the impact of the corn laws on Ireland (but then what do I know about history). In the past, as it is now, the money classes rule and decide what is best for them and forget the rest.