No Strasbuorgians need apply

The online petition in support of the “oneseat” campaign by Swedish MEP Cecilia Malmstrom to ditch the Strasbuorg sessions of the European Parliament has passed the million signatories mark. The parliamentary switch between Brussels and Strasbuorg costs £135m a year. If supportive, sign the petition here.

  • Occasional Commentator

    We could save even more money by scrapping the Brussels sessions too.

  • or move the whole thing to a cheaper eastern European city

  • pith

    That is a ridiculous amount of money for the taxpayer to have to pay for something that is not needed. What a nonsense the European Parliament’s pilgrimage to Strasbourg really is. But wait! We must look at the bigger picture. If Jim Allister takes the North Antrim seat at the next general election then Paisley junior will probably be sent off to Europe. Brussels is quite far from Northern Ireland but Strasbourg is further still. The time has surely come to launch the Save Strasbourg campaign. It’s for all our futures.

  • foreign correspondent

    The double parliament thing is silly but I still like the idea of the European Union on the whole and I look forward to the day it is a full-fledged federal state, with or without the UK (most likely without unless things change radically)

  • Crataegus


    I agree silly to have it in Brussels Budapest perhaps? Would certainly change the outlook of the place and would have political significance.

  • IJP

    Budapest, Crat? Today?? 🙂

    Fully supportive of the Brussels only campaign, which has long been backed (indeed led) by European Liberals of various hues.

  • Cratageus



  • Lafcadio

    Strasbourgeois, not Strasbourgians

  • pith

    Now we know!

  • Occasional Commentator

    If they don’t like Strasbourg, tell them we have a vacant parliament building which they could use, although it is a bit small. (Apologies to a mate for stealing his joke).

  • Rory

    What’s wrong with Ballymena?

  • barnshee

    “What’s wrong with Ballymena? ”

    Now where would I start -amost everything

  • pith

    “What’s wrong with Ballymena?”

    It doesn’t have sauerkraut. Or does it?

  • Pumkpin

    The difficulty is that the dual location of the EP in Brussels and Strasbourg is defined by the treaties. Hence, any change of location of the EP has to go through a treaty reform process. As we all know, this is not likely to happen soon (within the next two years at least) as there is a lack of political will to engage in a new treaty reform process following the rejection of the TCE by the Dutch and the French. Moreover, as all member states have a veto power over the treaty reform process, it is likely that the French will block any change unless offer a good bargain in exchange.
    Funny enough, it seems to be the same people who were arguing against the TCE who are campaigning against Strasbourg. I wrote funny as the TCE was giving the petition power to the people (Article I-47) which would have given more resonance to their campaign: there is almost no reference about this petition in the French news.