In praise of fulsome mediocrity…

Great blog from Richard Lea at Culture Vulture, who pay due fealty (eh?) to the great adjectival talent one unsung literary daughter of Victorian Belfast, Amanda McKittrick Ros at the Belfast Literary Festival. Richard (clearly smitten) kicks it off:

Ring out those ringing bells, ting-a-ling! Sing out those singing songs, sing-a-long! Hark! The day, so long, so long despicably delayed, thus far disappointingly denied, the day of high happiness has hastened here at last, next Tuesday hence, when rightful wreaths of writerly renown will wreath themselves – at last! – upon the brow of Amanda McKittrick Ros.

It almot makes you want to read her (ah, if only life were long enough). But you can hear more on Thursday in the John Hewitt Bar, 7.30, admission free!!

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