On the pathetic fallacy of identity politics…

From time to time, Slugger is capable of sustaining the odd erudite discourse on matters of pressing and controversial import. Sadly, not as often as we’d like. Inattention to detail and resort to easy grand narrative give some discussions an endlessly circular character. In which case, Conor Foley may be on to something in the wider world when he argues that concepts like ‘anti semitism’ and ‘muslim oppression’ all too often become lazy catch-all slogans for our own pet causes to emulsion over genuine complexity.He concludes:

I cannot see a single explanatory thread behind all the conflicts in the world today, whether it be oil, capitalism, democracy, fascism, religion, gender or whatever else. I do, however, think that inclusive dialogue is one of the most consistently effective ways of resolving conflicts and also for combating real, or imagined, prejudices. Unfortunately, “speaking as a … ” politics are often one of the major obstacles to the two sides actually listening to what the other has to say. Perhaps we all need to get out of our ghettoes a little bit more.

Sound familiar?