Unionism’s unusual allies?

Brian Feeney argues that the Irish government and in particular the civil service will be the weak link in northern nationalism’s desires for significant growth in All-Ireland bodies under the potential “joint stewardship” regime.

  • pith

    In the fine Ulster tradition of same tune, different words, it all sounds just a bit like a nationalist version of the old scratched record, “Sure those ones over in England don’t care about us.”

  • Pete Baker

    As I believe Peter Hain pointed out previously, the actual phrase originally used was “joint stewardship of the process“..

    That was when he complained of unhelpful spin from some elements in Dublin.. he could probably add Mr Feeney to that list..

  • Frustrated Democrat

    Why are articles from this person continually posted, they add nothing to anything.

  • Betty Boo

    You are frustrated indeed but less democratic, so it seems.

  • Hain is an unctous tool who will say whatever he needs to get what and where he wants. If that happens to coinicide with the truth or what’s best for NI then it’s just that, a coincidence.

    If I were a Unionist I’d be asking myself why the govt has sold off it’s buildings and is now leasing them back? That strategy can only save money in the short term and it struck me as an asset-stripping move prior to dumping the company.

    The difference between the AIA and the proposed “joint-stewardship” (how is that different in practical terms from joint-sov I don’t know but if that’s the wrapping it takes…) is that the current process is leading to re-unification and the incorporation of responsibilities INTO the Irish civil service NOT the ceeding of responsibilities. Both govts know and want this, despite whatever they say in public, and their sole concern is to manage the transition in a way that does not rekindle the conflict. I think that 2016 is a little early and 2025 is more like the real date.

  • 4th Lanark

    If anyone is still interested in this thread, it may interest you to know that in existing North-South bodies, those employed in the south are paid approximately 35% more for doing the same job as those in the north.

    This has been due to ongoing southern pay awards in the south that have significantly widened the pay gap since 2002.

  • Betty Boo

    So, the Civil Service (in the Republic)is the weakest link but better off nevertheless. I suppose rewarding (intentional?) failure is the name of the game.

  • Billy

    Frustrated Democrat

    Why not save time? Simply compile a list of people whose views you agree with. You could pass it to Mick or Pete and ask them to ensure that they don’t accept posts from anyone who isn’t on your list.